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Stewart Prior Files

Stewart Prior Files is an online database, searchable on multiple criteria, that provides a starter file with the most recent Stewart prior policy available. It links through the Internet with a national database of prior policy information for policies issued by Stewart Title across the United States and internationally.

Electronic files of prior policies are sent via email, providing a solid base to bring the title search forward from that point. Access to prior policies reduces the time required to conduct the search that must be completed for title to be issued on a piece of property.

Stewart Prior Files speeds the search process for Stewart Title agents, district and region managers, Stewart executives and other internal departments.

Stewart Prior Files Program Features:

24/7 access on the Internet — convenience, accessibility

  • Anytime access at
  • Eliminates concerns about office hours or time zones

Comprehensive search capabilities — flexibility, increase efficiency

  • Search on various criteria, including legal description, property information and names
  • Multi-category search to manage search results
  • Useful keying tips for effective searches
  • User-friendly display of all results matching the user's search criteria
  • Unlimited search results returned
  • Capability to retrieve desired policy

Integration, copy-and-paste capabilities — increase efficiency, decrease turn time

  • View, and copy and paste policy data into your title and escrow production system, including AIM® for Windows® and VAX AIM®
  • Copy data into new documents
  • Integration with Policy Register

Other general features

  • Reduces keystrokes
  • District manager report highlights the number of searches and downloads per agent
  • Online self-registration
  • Access based on Stewart contract
  • Shopping cart feature for future billing needs
  • Free image viewer downloads for viewing
  • Flag on policies pending an inquiry
  • Robust administration module allows for quick county or state additions, plus inactivation and reactivation of users through the Landata® Systems' Customer Service Center

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