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Title Desk

A better way to conduct title searches

You spend a lot of your time on title searches. You 're dealing with multiple abstractors on a variety of projects and everybody does things differently. It takes up too much of your time and keeps you from concentrating on growing your business. That all changes with Title Desk from Stewart.

Title Desk can make your life easier. It frees up your time to concentrate on customers by enabling you to request, track and receive title information online in just a few easy steps. With Title Desk, your search is done by a set of approved vendors that are required to adhere to certain high standards as set by Stewart. Once the search is complete the system sends you a title report that can be exported directly into a title commitment for your customer. This minimizes the human error that can occur with manual data entry. 

Title Desk makes things easier by being so easy to work with.

One of Stewart's goals is to make things easy for our independent agencies - and Title Desk can certainly make things easier. 

With Title Desk you can:

  • Access all your title reports and support documents 24/7 via the secure password protected system
  • Pay more easily - All search work is automatically billed to your credit card through a secure third party system rather than multiple paper invoices from multiple abstractors
  • Use the system at no additional cost - Title Desk itself has no costs for you. You will only pay standard title report fees (which are competitive with market rates)

Title Desk doesn't just handle your searches, it helps your bottom line.

These days we all have to fight for every dollar of revenue, and Title Desk can help you get the most out of each transaction. 

Title Desk can:

  • Make your search process completely electronic, reducing your expenses on paper, ink, couriers, etc.
  • Enable you to spend your time more efficiently - you 'll be pursuing new business rather than spending time dealing with abstractors
  • Increase the number of counties in which your business can operate.

Title Desk doesn't just improve title search quality, it helps improve your whole operation.

Making your search process electronic brings a host of benefits to your business. Title Desk enables your operations to become much more efficient. 

It enables you to:

  • Export search data into virtually all major production systems including SoftPro, Landtech, TitleExpress and AIM®
  • Track all title work through a single system rather than dealing with each abstractor separately
  • Shorten production time
  • Greatly reduce data entry errors and abstract errors
  • Reduce your environmental impact

Contact us to learn more about Title Desk and other reasons why Stewart Title Guaranty Company is the right underwriter for you.