Connecticut Agencies

Connecticut Endorsement Library


There are many endorsements used in connection with the issuance of title policies. You can see all the endorsements by using the Virtual Underwriter link found under the Underwriting tab, but the most common ones are available here in PDF format for your convenience.

Before issuing an endorsement, please check with Stewart to make sure that the particular endorsement you want is applicable and appropriate under the circumstances.

ALTA 1-06 Street Assessment

ALTA 3-06 Zoning Unimproved Land

ALTA 3.1-06 Zoning Completed Structure

ALTA 4.1-06 Condominium

ALTA 5.1-06 Planned Unit Development (PUD)

ALTA 6-06 Variable Rate

ALTA 6.2-06 Negative Amortization

ALTA 7-06 Manufactured Housing

ALTA 8.1-06 Environmental

ALTA 8.2-06 Commercial Environmental

ALTA 9-06 Restrictions, Encroachments Minerals – Loan Policy

ALTA 9.1-06 Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions – Unimproved Land – Owner’s Policy

ALTA 9.2-06 Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions – Improved Land – Owner's Policy

ALTA 9.3-06 Covenants Conditions and Restrictions - Loan Policy

ALTA 11-06 Mortgage Modification

ALTA 12-06 Aggregation

ALTA 13-06 Leasehold - Owners

ALTA 13.1 Leasehold - Loan

ALTA 14-06 Future Advance Priority

ALTA 14.3-06 Future Advance Reverse Mortgage

ALTA 15-06 Non-Imputation Full Equity Transfer

ALTA 17-06 Access and Entry

ALTA 17.1-06 Indirect Access and Entry

ALTA 17.2-06 Utility Access

ALTA 18-06 Single Tax Parcel

ALTA 19-06 Contiguity - Multiple Parcels

ALTA 19.1-06 Contiguity - Single Parcel

ALTA 20-06 First Loss - Multiple Parcel Transaction

ALTA 22-06 Location

ALTA 24-06 Doing Business

ALTA 25-06 Same As Survey

ALTA 26-06 Subdivision

ALTA 27-06 Usury

ALTA 28-06 Easement Damage or Enforced Removal

ALTA 28.1-06 Encroachments - Boundaries and Easements