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Delaware is a "bureau state." The title insurance bureau in Delaware is called the Delaware Title Insurance Rating Bureau, or DTIRB.

We use specific DTIRB forms for Stewart transactions in Delaware.
Some DE forms may simply be a version of an ALTA form which is reviewed, catalogued and filed by DTIRB. Other forms may contain content modified by DTIRB, or may even be completely specific to DE. The DE endorsements all bear a unique DTIRB Endorsement number. Regardless of whether a form's content has been modified or not, Delaware has a unique document set by virtue of the DTIRB review and filing process, and therefore Stewart has DE-specific Form 'prefixes' to identify them.

Listing of Stewart Form Prefixes for Delaware Forms

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Notice and Warning Regarding the Use of Our Forms »

The use of these Stewart Title Guaranty Company (STGC) brand forms is intended only for agencies licensed with DE Department of Insurance, and with an approved and active DE Underwriting Contract and DE Agent ID Number with Stewart Title Guaranty Company. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

If (a) you do not meet all of the aforesaid requirements (licensing or contracts in other states does not constitute the same for DE), or (b) if your agency has been cancelled or suspended for any reason whatsoever, or (c) if your agency application approval is in progress, then you are NOT authorized to use any of these forms under any circumstances; This includes requests for policies after your cancellation date regardless of issue date prior to cancellation; Contact your Stewart Title Guaranty Company state Agency Manager for assistance with such requests.

And if you do meet all of the aforesaid requirements, the terms and conditions of use of forms is further defined in your Underwriting Agreement with Stewart Title Guaranty Company.

The use of these forms in violation of any of the aforesaid requirements or terms of use, or use under any of the aforesaid restricted situations is FRAUD, and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The Word forms linked below are packaged as "zip" files. You must first extract the MS Word document prior to its review. If your operating system does not support this file format, please perform a search in a search engine (like Google or Bing) to find an application that you can use. 


ALTA Commitment 6-17-06

Basic Policies

DE - ALTA Loan Policy 6-17-06 — Schedule A, B-I & B-II
DE - ALTA Owners Policy 6-17-06 — Schedule A & B
DE - ALTA Short-Form Loan Policy 6-17-06 (DTIRB 12-1-08)

Enhanced Policies

DE - ALTA Expanded Coverage Loan Policy 7-26-10 (DTIRB 7-15-11) — Schedule A, B-I & B-II
DE - Homeowners Policy 2-3-10 — Schedule A & B
DE - ALTA Expanded Coverage Short-Form Loan Policy 7-26-10 (DTIRB 7-15-11)


DE - Endorsements — All Inclusive Set

PDF Format

 DE - All Forms in PDF

  To generate a policy jacket or short form policy, contact your Agency Representative.