Shipping Services


As Stewart continues to focus on cost reduction opportunities, we want to share as many of these opportunities as possible with our customers. FedEx has created a discount program specifically for our Independent Agencies and Approved Attorneys that will provide significant savings over the standard published rates.

Depending on package weight and delivery zone, discounts can amount to as much as 50% off of most priority and standard overnight envelope packages (First Overnight Service is excluded). These envelope discounts also come with a "Bonus Weight" Program which enables you to "overstuff" envelopes to their physical holding capacity (the standard maximum weight is usually 8 ounces for overnight service).

FedEx rate calculations are based on both the weight of the package and the distance from origin to destination (for simplification FedEx classifies distance by shipping zones). You can calculate your charges by reviewing these rate tables and by requesting a Zone Chart for your specific Origin Zip Code on

How do you get started?

If your office has an existing FedEx account, e-mail Laura Rodgers with your FedEx account number, your company name and location, and a contact number where you can be reached.   If you do not have an existing FedEx account, you’ll need to establish one before the discounted rates can be loaded.  Shipper accounts can be set up at or by calling 800-GOFEDEX.  Once you have your FedEx account number, please e-mail it to Laura Rodgers along with the information referenced above. We will then submit a request to FedEx to load the discounted rates to your account.  We will notify you as soon as the discounts have been loaded.

We at Stewart are very excited to bring you this program and we hope that you will enjoy this great cost saving opportunity.

Please contact Laura Rodgers for more information.