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AIM for Windows

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AIM for Windows (AFW) is Landata® Systems' powerful title and escrow system for order entry, document preparation, escrow accounting, closing, file tracking and management reporting. It is designed for title and escrow personnel to use in both large and small office settings, and is flexible so it can be used for both commercial and residential closings.

AFW is easily customizable to your geographic location or unique business process, allowing you to define tracking locations to match office workflow. You can also facilitate data entry by modifying labels in order information to match commonly used terms. To prevent user confusion, certain fields or groups that are not relevant to an office can be hidden. You can even set up default data in order information and closing to further tailor the application to a specific office.

AFW is easy to use because all title and escrow functions are integrated. The program offers a single-point of data entry — you enter the data once, and it flows throughout the application. This electronic exchange facilitates the entire closing process, not just the tasks performed in AIM for Windows.

AIM for Windows Features:

  • Order information provides accurate and consistent data
    • Customized order information interface
    • Customized micro-help
    • Default data in order information
    • Receipting earnest money on buyer tab
    • Combo boxes  
  • Document preparation reduces keystrokes and saves time
    • Customized forms using Microsoft® Word
    • AutoText
    • Virtual Underwriter® codes
    • Express printing
    • Email and fax documents
  • Closing saves keystrokes and eliminates errors
    • HUD data-entry interface
    • Visual HUD detail and calculation screens
    • Customizable HUD lines
    • Inserting HUD lines
    • Payoff and proration sublines
    • 1099-S worksheet
    • Visual disbursement worksheet and toolbar
    • Rent statements
    • Email and fax documents
  • Rate-management system increases productivity
    • Rate management system, auto-calculation of title premiums, endorsements/extended coverage and calculated HUD lines
  • Escrow accounting searches extensive criteria
    • Escrow accounting reports
    • Disk reconciliation
    • Positive pay
    • Escrow inquiry
  • Management reports easily track information
    • Management reports
  • 1099-S module eliminates re-keying
    • 1099-S module
  • Quick access to documentation information
    • Electronic documentation
    • Online help
  • File cabinet and other general features
    • Copy files
    • Customized file-tracking locations
    • Drag-and-drop tracking
    • File-tracking summary
    • Quick search