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Louisiana Agencies

Overlimits Authorization

Most Agency contracts in Louisiana give agents policy limits of $1,000,000 before having to get approval from Stewart Title Guaranty Company. In situations where the amount of insurance on the policy to be issued surpasses your contract limits, approval from STG is acquired through the following process.

  1. Download the STG Request for Approval to Issue Overlimits Policy for LA
  2. After completing the STG Request for Approval to Issue Overlimits Policy for LA, email the completed form and attachments to policyapprovalrequest@stewart.com. It is okay to, but not necessary, to copy malcolm.meyer@stewart.com on that email. The request will be entered into our system and assigned to Malcolm Meyer (or another member of our underwriting staff) for review. 
  3. If Malcolm (or another member of our underwriting staff) has any questions or requires additional information, he will contact your office directly.
  4. Once Malcolm completes his review, an email will be sent from StewartAccessUnderwriterAdmin-NOREPLY@stewart.com will be sent to you that will provide you with confirmation of approval and any conditions that must be met.

It is important that the form be completed in its entirety, including any information that should accompany the request in the form of an attachment. Incomplete information will delay the approval process.

Thank you for choosing Stewart. Congratulations on the large deal!!