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Newsletter of Stewart Title Guaranty Company, Massachusetts Offices
Summer 2005, Volume 4, Number 3

Back It Up
by Andy Meyer, District Automation Director 

What, me worry?

In today's business world, information has become one of the most valued commodities, second only to the office coffee machine in its importance. Companies have become reliant on a technological solution to store all of their critical data. This information's security, however, is threatened daily by the ever-present danger of computer vulnerabilities, such as viruses, worms, locust, or even human error. With this in mind, there's never been a more important time for you to make sure that your company's data is safe and secure. 

Back up Guidelines:

  1. All data must be getting backed up, not just server data. Data on individual PCs (for example, your computer's "My Documents" folder) needs to be backed up as well. If you are not copying that information to the server every day, chances are it's not getting backed up.
  2. Backup media (tapes, CD/DVD, carbon paper, etc.) needs to be changed daily and brought off site. Are your backup tapes being changed daily? Are they being brought off site? In case of fire or flood you don't want your backup tapes in the same location as your server.
  3. Backups need to be verified and tested. Most backups fail on a regular basis. If you are not checking the log files and doing a test restore, there is no way to know if they are working correctly.  

Backup options:

  1. Traditional, media based solutions. These include CD/DVD's, 8mm tapes, DLT and zip disks.
  2. Online backups: backs up your data to a secure server, using a high speed Internet connection.

    Online backups have many advantages over traditional backups. They solve the issue of having to verify the backup completed successfully, as an email is sent daily to you with the status of the previous evening's backup. Also because the backups are not stored locally, you don't have to worry about taking a backup tape offsite. In addition, online backups can be configured to back up information on individual PCs as well as server data, making it a complete backup solution.

StewartBackup is the online backup service that we are now using to back up our New England data. Through the Internet all of our data is pushed to a backup location in Virginia. Using this service we now don't have to worry about changing eight separate backup tapes daily. Restores are much easer as well. Just log in to the web site, enter your passcode, and restore the necessary files. There is no hardware to buy. The only requirement is a high speed Internet connection.

I'm all backed up!

The StewartBackup service is now being offered to our agents. For $11 per month you can back up 1 Gigabyte of data, and each additional 500 Megabytes is an extra $5 per month. To get more information or to get started backing up your data with StewartBackup contact me at 800-628-2988