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Vol. 9, No. 1 — Mass. Focus — Summer 2010


Stewart Market Share Update by Craig J. Celli — Stewart increases its market share.
Did You Catch That? by Gary F. Casaly — Test your abilities to spot conveyancing issues.
Checklist of §1031 Delayed Exchange Steps by Mike Brady — An analysis of delayed exchanges.
Development is Difficult Enough... by Michael Agen — Develop hurdles concerning zoning.
Claims Avoidance by Sean O'Callaghan and Margaret M. Fortuna — How to keep Stewart and yourself out of trouble.
Refresher for Reviewing Foreclosures by Jane L. Greenhood — A foreclosure checklist.
Answers to Did You Catch That? by Gary F. Casaly — Answers to questions in "Did You Catch That?"
Stewart Gives Back by Craig J. Celli — Stewart associates and families participate in Charles River clean-up day.