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Newsletter of Stewart Title Guaranty Company, Massachusetts Offices
Winter 2007, Volume 6, Number 1

Letter from the State Manager
by Craig J. Celli, State Manager

I joined Stewart Title Guaranty Company as State Manager on May 22, 2006. I left my private practice behind, my one minute commute, complete business autonomy and came to Corporate America. Why? Why would I or anyone do that? The answer is easy. I believe in Stewart Title. I believe in what this company provides to its agents. I believe what this company stands for. And most importantly, I believe in the people that I work with every day.

As a closing attorney I was a 100% Stewart agent. I was introduced to the company as an associate at my first law firm and stayed with the company as I traveled my way to owning and operating my own firm. I made this decision for a few reasons. First, I wanted to show my commitment to my title insurance company so that my title insurance company would be committed to me. Committed to assisting me with my many questions and issues, and committed to standing by my law firm if potential or actual claims ever were submitted on a policy written through my law firm. Stewart Title always answered some of the light questions I had as a new attorney and the more difficult and involved questions from some of the more challenging title exams I reviewed. Stewart Title always valued my loyalty to the company when analyzing any claims on policies written through my office. Before asking me to get my malpractice insurance carrier involved on the few claims that may have been due to my error, Stewart Title always included in their analysis who I was and how loyal I was to them.

So, as we move forward to a new year, Stewart Title will continue its unsurpassed legal guidance. Stewart Title will continue to support its agents when claims arise. But more than these two very important roles of your title insurance company, Stewart Title will display to the its agents, and to the closing attorney public at large, that it will provide the services and needs that are most important to the conveyancer. During these challenging times in the closing business, what the conveyancer needs more than anything else is assistance from their title insurance company in lowering their bottom line and educating their staffs to better assist their clients. Stewart Title will have among their many programs and agency tools two major programs throughout this coming year and into the future.

First, we are very proud here at Stewart to have a state-of-the-art Training Facility in which we have been and will continue to offer four training seminars per month. The seminar programs assist the paralegal, the office assistant, the real estate broker, the new attorney and even the experienced attorney. Our office, our staff and our lawyers are taking time for you, our agents, so that your office can be more educated and better prepared for the challenges that undoubtedly occur during your day-to-day operations.

Second, Stewart Title will have an Underwriting Assistance Program that will assist your office with tasks that normally are done by hiring extra help or by the attorney working nights or on the weekends. There are tasks that are connected to the underwriting process (i.e. title policy preparation) that our office can assist your office with so that, instead of you paying someone to complete these tasks or taking time away from your families, we can assist you with completing them and lowering your bottom line and providing you with a better quality of life.

This is what I would like the conversation about your choice of a title insurance underwriter to be about. The conversation should not be about what “gifts” are given to you, but the conversation should be about what Stewart Title Guaranty Company is doing to help your business succeed. So, throughout the days, weeks and months of 2007, I will continue to call and meet with you to promote Stewart Title’s goals of loyalty to its agents, meaningful educational seminars and assisting our agents with different office tasks. Ultimately, I hope you take from our approach that Stewart Title cares about you, your family and your business. I look forward to working with you for a prosperous 2007.