Massachusetts Agencies

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Good Funds

Beginning March 31, 2006, local fire departments will be required to inspect all residences for carbon monoxide detectors upon the transfer or sale of the property.

The current fee for this inspection is $50 for single family homes or condominium units, $150 for three-to-six unit dwellings, and $500 for buildings with more than six units.

The types of acceptable detectors are listed below:

  • Battery powered with battery monitoring
  • Plug-in (AC powered) units with battery backup
  • AC primary power (hard-wired) with battery backup
  • Low-voltage or wireless alarms
  • Qualified combination smoke detectors and CO alarms

For further information see G.L.c. 148, §26F½ and 527 CMR 31:00.