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One Year Later

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Newsletter of Stewart Title Guaranty Company, Massachusetts Offices
Summer 2007, Volume 6, Number 3

One Year Later
by Craig J. Celli, State Manager

To our agents:

On May 22nd I completed my first year with Stewart Title Guaranty Company. Like most enjoyable days, events and even jobs, the year went by very quickly. This will sound like a cliché, but taking on the task of State Manager for Stewart Title in Massachusetts has been the best business decision of my life.

I have had the distinct pleasure and honor to meet many of you. I have enjoyed our conversations, your advice and your suggestions. I have also listened closely to your complaints and comments and have attempted to quickly address those points. I have contacted many of you by phone, by email and by meeting you at your offices. To those of you that have been practicing for many years, I have appreciated your words of wisdom and lessons from your experiences. I have met many new attorneys. It has been enjoyable talking about marketing ideas and ways to grow your business. To my friends that have been in the conveyancing arena for the past 3+ years, I have enjoyed discussing the similar issues we have both had as colleagues in the profession.

I was, and in my mind and heart will always be, a closing attorney. I understand working with many different mortgage brokers and real estate brokers. I understand working with different lenders. I understand the challenge of getting titles back on time and getting the closing packages just minutes before the scheduled closing. I understand the 8PM closings, 7AM closings and the Saturday closings. Although I now have a different position, I enjoy talking about these challenges and will always be, for lack of a better phrase, “one of you.”

This past year has brought many positive changes. As I have spoken about in previous issues of our newsletter, Stewart’s personnel and more importantly its direction have changed greatly. I am privileged to work with all of my co-workers, old and new. I am tremendously excited about the amazing new momentum of Stewart Title. In the past 120 days, nearly 100 new agents have honored Stewart Title and have become new agents with Stewart. I want to thank them for their confidence in our company. I also want to thank the many existing agents that have responded so positively to our new energy and have graced Stewart with increased business. Stewart Title is poised to be the industry leader in Massachusetts and New England for the next decade and beyond. I am thrilled that we, your firm and our company will create that success together.

But on a personal note, all of the great changes to Stewart have coincided with my most precious gift of the past year, the birth of my fourth child, Jonathan. My wonderful wife Angela, two step-children, Christina and Matthew, and my son James welcomed Jonathan in March and I would like to take this time to once again thank my staff and our many Stewart agents for their kindness toward my family during those exciting days.

So, one year later, I am more excited about Stewart Title than I was when I took my first steps into the office in May of 2006. In a world and business where it isfashionable to make bold promises that are seemingly impossible to keep, I make only these pledges to you our agents: 1) that I will continue to be positive; 2) that I will continue to assist your firm as best I can; and 3) that I will make sure Stewart Title is the best partner to your firm that it can be.

Have a great Summer.