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Website Questions and Answers

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Newsletter of Stewart Title Guaranty Company, Massachusetts Offices
Spring 2004, Volume 3, Number 2

Website Questions and Answers

Question: How do I find the new Stewart Massachusetts website?

Answer: You already found it. Congratulations!

Question: What can I find on the website that will help me as a Stewart agent?

Answer: You can order supplies, back titles and insured closing letters. You can view current bulletins and other important notices that are regularly posted on the site. You can get direct links to other valuable sites. You can contact any of our staff be email or phone. You can find all the ALTA endorsements, as well as other regularly-used endorsements. You can download various forms and affidavits. You can view all our newsletters and use the search function to locate any content in those newsletters that you need.

Question: How do I search the newsletters?

Answer: Under Stewart Publications, Archived Newsletters, enter your query in the Search box and click Search. The newsletter articles containing your query will appear. Open an article and then from the Windows Edit menu, choose Find (on This Page) to find where your query appears in the article. 

Question: How do I fill in the forms on the website?

Answer: Unlike forms on most other underwriters' websites, Stewart's forms can be filled in right on the screen or you can download them to your computer and fill them in later. They are all PDF files with active field cells and boxes. 

Question: Can I save the forms that I complete?

Answer: This depends. If you have only Adobe® Reader (the free program you can download from the Internet) you cannot save your changes, but you could print out an extra copy of your document for your records. If you have Adobe® Acrobat you can save your changes.

Question: If I have any questions about the website who do I contact?

Answer: Gary Casaly or Adina Potischman. You can contact them by email ( or or phone (800-628-2988 or 617-737-8240). They will be happy to answer your questions or walk you through the site.