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Michigan Agencies

Agency Technology

Transforming the Real Estate Industry
Stewart is known for innovative and integrated title agency technology. From order entry to closing to document archival, Stewart's agencies have access to all the integrated technology needed to maximize efficiency, enhance productivity and increase sales.


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Now your lender customers can get title premium and title services fee quotes for their Good Faith Estimates (GFEs) at the click of a button with GFExpressQuote® from Stewart. You can add it to your website for easy customer access — it's simple, fast and nationwide.

Click here to request a demo or for more information.


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With StewartSitebuilder, independent agencies can create an effective website with the click of a mouse. Take advantage of easy-to-use templates and a large graphics library of professional images to build a unique web presence. There is a minimal one-time setup fee and an affordable monthly hosting fee.

Visit StewartSitebuilder.com for more information.

Property Information

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Property Profiles, accessed via PropertyInfo.com, is an information portal designed to enhance the real estate transaction process. Through this portal, you can create targeted marketing campaigns to attract and retain new business. Property Profiles also gives you the ability to generate marketing lists, a professional comparable market analysis, or a high end marketing brochure that outlines a property's easements and exceptions. Furthermore, you can identify and create marketing lists of property owners, investors, foreclosure properties, as well as other potential customers.

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Title & Escrow Production System — AIM®

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If you're looking for a simple and easy solution for your title and closing processes, that also manages your escrow information, AIM title production software has you covered. This system allows you to enter orders, prepare documents, track files and more. It integrates well with a variety of programs and the latest software, so you can work faster and communicate better.

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“Stewart drives success by developing a complete title and escrow production system based on user feedback.”
Gina Noonan Executive Title Insurance Services Inc.


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Interact with your clients like you never have, with the SureClose online transaction management system. This system helps you stay on track and allows you to be fully interactive with clients. You can upload documents and make changes that are readily available for clients to review as soon as you're finished. SureClose also helps increase productivity by reducing the number of daily faxes, phone calls and deliveries received. It's available 24/7 online, and all you need to get started is your username and password.

Visit SureClose.com for more information. 

“SureClose offers our sales associates the ability to conduct business from anywhere in the field enabling them to better serve their clients’ needs.”
Chris Dickson — President Dickson Podley REALTORS®


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Manage all your title plant information and expedite your search process with TitleSearch. This special imaging software is made for title plants and integrates easily with other software, helping simplify your daily title search process.
eTitleSearch™ is the premiere website for publishing land records. For more product information and a listing of databases currently being published, visit our website at etitlesearch.com.

FileStor® is the perfect solution for imaging starter files and other documents.
Click here for more information.

“We have doubled our online transactions from a year ago. This is the most effortless income we have ever made.”
Evan J. Quiros — Chief Executive Officer Border Title Group

Insured Closing Letter (ICL)

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The Insured Closing Letter (ICL) system is a secure, Internet-based application available to all Stewart Title agencies. It's easy to use and allows you to quickly generate ICLs with just the click of your mouse.

Access Insured Closing Letter. 

Virtual Underwriter® (VU)

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Access the underwriting information you need to close a transaction in record time with Stewart's Virtual Underwriter (VU). With VU, you can also access information from the Special Alerts Database, which includes a list of Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons, along with Stewart's closing alerts. These services are also available for use 24/7 online.

Visit vuwriter.com for more information.

Stewart Title Electronic Policy System (STEPS)

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Create policy jackets online using the Stewart Title Electronic Policy System (STEPS). Now there's no need to manually finish policy logs or sort through piles of inventory. STEPS will automatically assign policy numbers, time-stamp the policy and keep track of each jacket — all in one place. You can work faster, more easily and more efficiently.

Create and Print Title Policy Jackets (STEPS)

STEPS eRemit

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With STEPS eRemit, agencies can easily submit policy images and registers to Stewart electronically. eRemit works with most Windows,®-based title and escrow production systems you work with, including but not limited to RamQuest, SoftPro™ and TitleExpress. STEPS eRemit allows you to quickly upload and submit your policy images and registers to Stewart electronically. This means not only less work for you, it also means you can eliminate a large amount of your paper and shipping costs – helping both the environment and your bottom line.

Click here to download the STEPS eRemit application.
Click here to register for STEPS eRemit training.

Stewart Preferred Services

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Enabling title agencies to reduce expenses while improving their IT infrastructure.
Tough times have been made tougher with the simultaneous need to reduce costs while keeping up with the technology needs of a title agency. Stewart is proud to provide agencies a solution to this problem with Stewart Preferred Services (SPS).

Stewart Preferred Services works to help agencies using the negotiating power and technical expertise of Stewart to reduce agencies' tech and business expenses, and improve their IT infrastructure in four areas:

  • Evaluating and lowering each agency's IT and business spending
  • Negotiating with vendors to reduce monthly expenses
  • Providing/supplementing IT support to scale for business growth
  • Consulting on back-office applications as well as custom integrations and system upgrades

Stewart Preferred Services functions as an extension of the agency throughout the process, working with the company to determine what is best for their needs today and tomorrow.

To learn more about how Stewart Preferred Services can decrease your operational costs, contact us today at requests@stewartpreferredservices.com or (866) 880-2658.

Escrow Account Reconciliation Services

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Get the best in assistance for your escrow accounting reconciliation needs with Stewart Financial Services. With Stewart's proven expertise in the industry, you can feel confident you have a leader safeguarding your fiduciary responsibility. We offer a variety of services that help reconcile your accounts in a timely manner to save you money.

Visit stewartfinancialservices.net for more information.

TitleWorkPlace (ASP)

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Need to access all your applications and data in one location? Let TitleWorkPlace manage your technology needs and host your business applications. With our Application Service Provider (ASP), you simply log in to our secure site and view your information with the click of a mouse. With no software to load, you have the flexibility to work anywhere with Internet access and, best of all, there's no need to spend lots of money on costly equipment.

Click here for more information.


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Stewart's new AgencySecure program can help you reduce title claims, escrow theft and mortgage fraud. It provides access to all Stewart agency technology and services and offers title agencies the ability to better manage potential claims resulting from poor quality search work and helps prevent escrow theft and mortgage fraud. AgencySecure enables customers to efficiently process closings, issue title policies, eReport, eRemit and electronically store closed-file documents.

AgencySecure also provides automatic, "three-way" bank reconciliation; detects suspicious activities; provides best practice alerts; and proactively monitors files continuously for fraudulent activities.

Click here for more information.