Mississippi Agencies


Suggested Charge
Street Assessments (ALTA 1)10% of Base Premium
Truth in Lending (ALTA 2)10% of Base Premium
Zoning-Unimproved Property (ALTA 3.0)25% of Base Premium
Zoning-Completed Structures (ALTA 3.1)25% of Base Premium
Condominium (ALTA 4)$25.00
Planned Unit Development (ALTA 5)$25.00
Variable Rate Mortgage (ALTA 6)$35.00
Variable Rate Mortgage (ALTA 6.1)$35.00
Variable Rate Mortgage — Negative Amortization (ALTA 6.2)$35.00
Manufactured Housing Unit (ALTA 7)$35.00
Environmental Protection Lien (ALTA 8.1)$25.00
Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals (ALTA 9)10% of Base Premium
Revolving Credit (STG 1)$75.00
Revolving Credit (STG 3)$25.00