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Underwriting Alert NYSA000352 Distributed 3/7/2017
Kings Development Group and others
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Underwriting Alert NYSA000351 Distributed 3/6/2017
118 Tompkins Ave. Brooklyn, New York; Block 1755 Lot 45
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Underwriting Bulletin NY000602 Distributed 2/22/2017
US Department of Treasury: Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) EXTENDED
Geographic Targeting Order, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island NY
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Underwriting Bulletin NY000601 Distributed 2/13/2017
Title Insurance Rate Service Association, Inc. Data Call 2016
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Underwriting Bulletin NY000600 Distributed 2/9/2017
UPDATE: IDA No Longer Exempt From Additional ¼% Mortgage Tax
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Underwriting Alert NYSA000350 Distributed 2/3/2017
126 Berkeley Place, Brooklyn, New York; Block 954 Lot 23
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Underwriting Bulletin NY000599 Distributed 1/25/2017
Update: IDA No Longer Exempt From Additional ¼% Mortgage Tax
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Underwriting Alert NYSA000349 Distributed 1/19/2017
1600 Islip Avenue, Brentwood, New York 11717
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Underwriting Bulletin NY000598 Distributed 1/18/2017
Title Alerts and Underwriting Bulletins 2017 Reminder
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Underwriting Alert NYSA000348 Distributed 1/12/2017
89 York Street, Brooklyn, NY; Block: 55 Lot 41
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Underwriting Bulletin NY000597 Distributed 1/09/2017
Recent Legislation Affecting NYS Mortgage Foreclosure Actions
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Underwriting Bulletin NY000596 Distributed 12/21/2016
Nassau County Tax Map Verification Fee
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Underwriting Bulletin NY000595 Distributed 12/12/2016
New “Mortgage Verification Fee” In Suffolk County
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Underwriting Bulletin NY000594 Distributed 11/16/2016
IDA No Longer Exempt from Additional ¼% Mortgage Tax
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Underwriting Bulletin NY000593 Distributed 11/7/2016
NYC ECB Amnesty Program
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