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Closing Protection Letter Request — Insured Closing Letter

Are you creating Closing Protection Letters (CPLs)? If you have Internet access and are not yet creating your CPLs online, you need to get on board! All you need is Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Simple as that! To obtain the online instructions, along with your username and password, please email Cyndi Hagler or call her at (614) 818-1113. If you have already received these instructions but need further assistance with the online procedure, please call Cyndi.

Four tips for online closing protection letters

  • When searching for a lender, only search by a small portion of the lender name and the state they are located in. Otherwise, you may put in too much information and the system will not find any matches.
  • Do not use the Create Lender Information button. We are finding that some agents are adding lenders who are already in the system. This creates duplicate lender information and clogs up the system.
  • ALWAYS keep your list of Special Form Letter Codes handy when creating your CPLs. This list should be on the last page of your CPL Online Instructions.
  • Your password will expire every 90 days. The website will notify you approximately 14 days prior to expiration to change your password.

Visit the CPL creation page (