Ohio Agencies


How do I become a Stewart agent?
Becoming a Stewart agent involves an application process and audit. In Ohio you need to be a licensed agent and have a licensed agency. Licensing information is available on line at For further information on the Stewart application process, contact either one of our Agency Managers: Paige Taliak at (440) 242-1898 and or Heather Weitzel at (330) 604-0021 and

Whom do I call for my underwriting questions?
Simply give our State Counsel, Frank Long, a call at 1-800-909-3574 or send him an e-mail at He has 20 years of experience in our industry and will answer your questions on a timely basis.

How do I obtain a Closing Protection Letter (CPL)?
Once you are an agent, you will be given an ID, password and instructions on how you can easily obtain your CPLs any time of the day or night via a secure website.

Where can I get marketing materials?
A Stewart Agent can obtain materials by visiting You will need to complete a short registration, and then click on ?store? to view a variety of brochures and marketing materials available.

As an agent, how do I get more forms?
Under Agent Resources you will see an "Order Form" page. Click on it, select the items you need and with a touch of a button your order is sent to Houston for processing. Need an atypical form not listed? Just drop Brenda Sarah in Houston an e-mail at with your request (please give her your agent name, number, address and a telephone number).

Do you offer software?
Yes, we certainly do and at a discounted price if you are a Stewart Agent. Please visit our technology page under Agent Resources. You may also contact PropertyInfo for a complete demonstration at (877) 800-3132.

Does Stewart offer continuing education?
Each November on Veteran?s Day, we provide an entire day of education to our agents at no cost. By attending not only will you be aware of the most current trends in our industry, but you are eligible to simultaneously earn both continuing insurance hours as well as continuing legal education hours, if you are a licensed attorney.

I hate reconciling my bank accounts. Do you have a way to help me?
Yes we certainly do! Feel free to contact our Automation Account Representative for a more information contact Sommer Braxton at (713) 625-8356 and