Pennsylvania Agencies

Meet Our Staff


Name Contact
Bill Himmelreich Eastern PA Agency Services Manager / State Manager Office: (610) 687-0400
Shawn McKernan Western PA Agency Services Manager / Counsel


Name Contact
Douglas Goss Associate Senior Underwriter Office: (610) 687-0400
Kelli Ryan Underwriting Counsel Office: (800) 563-1155

Agency Representatives

Name Contact
Brian M. Foley Eastern PA Agency Sales Representative Office: (610) 687-0400
Theresa Kane-Mackenzie Eastern Pa and the State of Delaware Agency Sales Representative Office: (610) 687-0400
Michele Poff Eastern PA Agency Sales Representative Office: (610) 687-0400


Name Contact
Dolores Cole Eastern PA Remittance Processor Office: (610) 687-0400
Roseanne Cohen Administrative Assistant Office: (412) 808-1080
Kathi Marryat Eastern PA CPL and Indemnification Letters Office: (610) 687-0400
Sue Williams Eastern PA Legal Assistant Office: (610) 687-0400

National Agents

Name Contact
Patricia Ayers Agency Manager Office: (412) 920-2600
Michelle Creely Agency Support Representative Office: (412) 920-2600
Peggy Lascola Agency Services Representative Office: (412) 295-4591