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South Carolina Agencies

Opinions and Orders

Doe Law Firm v. Richardson
Opinion No. 26214
Filed June 1, 1987
Unauthorized Practice of Law

State of South Carolina v. Buyers Service Company, Inc.
Opinion No. 22730
Filed June 1, 1987
Unauthorized Practice of Law

Doe v. McMaster
Opinion No. 25508
Refiled August 18, 2003
Unauthorized Practice of Law

In the Matter of Stephen M. Pstrak
Opinion No. 25767
Filed January 12, 2004
Disciplinary Action; Aiding in the unauthorized practice of law

In the Matter of William Jefferson McMillian, III
Opinion No. 25822
Filed May 17, 2004
Disciplinary Action

In the matter of Hattie E. Boyce
Opinion No. 25985
Filed May 23, 2005
Disciplinary Action; Witness closing

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