2006 Expired Webinar Series

National Changes and Initiatives

By George Houghton (11/16/2006)

Yucky Claims 2006

By Susan Withers (10/2006)

Industry Update (Rate Hearing)

By John Rothermel (09/2006)

Claims and Other Nasty Things to Avoid

By Stephen Reid (07/20/06)

Powers of Attorney and Other Useful Documents

By George Barnett (06/2006)

Using Rate Rules in Complex Situations

By John Rothermel (05/2006)

Little Known & Little Used Rate Rules

By John Rothermel (04/2006)

Endorsements or How We Survive Rate Decreases

By Sarah Schneider (03/2006)

Rate Rules: Construction Rules – Mastering the Dark Art

By Bill Pratt (01/2006)

Rate Rules and Loan Transactions: Financing & Refinancing – Texas Style

By Richard Black (01/2006)