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New Title Agents

Thank you for your interest in Stewart Title Guaranty Company. Stewart prides itself on its core principles. Our Mission is to enhance the Real Estate Transaction Process. Our Vision is to provide Magnificent Service by Inspired Professionals. This foundation established from our values enables us to create, excel, and develop an environment, which promotes growth for both our agency network and our company.

We understand title agents each have different needs and circumstances, for this reason we assist in all aspects of the licensing process. We suggest you contact the appropriate Agency Service Manager, in the county you seek to do business in.

Before you proceed, you should know, the title industry is regulated by The Texas Department of Insurance. They require all title insurance agents in Texas to own or lease a qualifying abstract plant for the county(ies) in which you maintain a closing office. Title agents must also have at least one Texas resident employee who is a licensed Texas escrow officer. The department also promulgates all of the vital forms and necessary requirements for licensing. The majority of the forms are located on this website and can aid you in your quest.

After visiting with the Agency Service Manager for the county that you wish to be licensed, contact Angela Fling. Angela is License Coordinator for Stewart Title Guaranty Company; she works as a liaison between you, the Texas Department of Insurance, and the District Manager for guidance on forms and licensing requirements. If you have any questions regarding licensing requirements, she can be reached at (800) 252-9229.

Another resource for information is our Texas Agency Service Manager, John Rothermel. John coordinates the development of Stewart agents in the State of Texas while also functioning as Senior Underwriting Counsel. You can contact John Rothermel at (800) 292-5712. Many multi-state agents begin their inquiry into Texas with John.

Stewart Title Guaranty Company welcomes this opportunity to provide you with the products & service you need and deserve. We value our relationship with our agents and want your experience with Stewart to be a great one! For additional information about Stewart Title, visit and We look forward to having you as a part of our family of Texas agents. Should you have questions, don't hesitate to call on us!

Texas Licensing Packages

To become more familiar with the licensing process here are a few things you should know. There are two types of License Packages both have similar forms and requirements, a Long Form and a Short Form.

A Short Form license package is used for:

  • Corporate or Assumed Name Change with no new partners added
  • Addition of Underwriter
  • Addition or Deletion of County
  • Ownership Change less than 50%
  • Change in Agent Location or Mailing Address
  • Withdrawal of a Partner and No New Partners Added
  • Change in Trade Name
  • Cancelled License due to Non-Renewal *within 90 days from expiration date

A Long Form License package is used for:

  • Brand New Title Agents Never Before Licensed
  • Change of Partnership with New Partners Added
  • Change of Sole Proprietor
  • Non-Domestic Company Licensed in other States but NOT in Texas
  • Change in Corporate Ownership of 50% or more
  • Cancelled License due to Non-Renewal *after 90 days from expiration date

Approval time varies with each license package, depending on the proposed Title Agent circumstances and The Texas Department of Insurance workload. A complete Short Form package can take up to 2 weeks, where as a Long Form package can take 3 or more. This is because the Long Form package requires many more items.
There are two phases to the approval process: our Stewart Corporate office approves all stewart forms such as the background check and credit check. It is very important for the title agent to complete and submit the Stewart forms to the Texas License Coordinator, Angela Fling, as soon as possible. These forms need to be processed before the license package can be sent to the Texas Department of Insurance. Secondly, the Texas Department of Insurance approves the remaining documents, should the package require further information or additional documents, Angela will be notified by the department and you will be notified.