Vermont Agencies

Title 27 — Chapter 9: Property Extending Into Lake Champlain

§ 1001. Repealed. 1967, No. 308 (Adj. Sess.), § 10, eff. March 22, 1968.

§ 1002. Control of wharves

Wharves, storehouses or breakwaters erected agreeably to the provisions of grants heretofore made or of this chapter, may be exclusively used and controlled by the persons erecting them, their heirs or assigns. 

§ 1003. Title to railroad property confirmed

When a railroad company in this state has constructed its railroad beyond low-water mark into Lake Champlain or has built into such lake a wharf, dock, pier or other structure in connection with such railroad for its accommodation or use which does not impede ordinary navigation in such lake, such building and structures shall be lawful and the legal title thereto shall vest in such railroad company or others lawfully claiming under it.