Vacation Ownership

Specialized services. Specific to your needs.

When it comes to timeshare and fractional offerings, every situation is unique. And unlike traditional real estate sales, these offerings are typically characterized by unique property, financing and transaction features. 

That’s why Stewart Vacation Ownership utilizes a variety of resources, the latest technology and industry experts to tailor solutions specific to your needs. We continually implement title, inventory, foreclosure and registration strategies that enable us to streamline back-office operations, while allowing you to concentrate on marketing, sales and enhancing the customer experience. Our services include:

  • Custom title and escrow
  • Strategic inventory control
  • Foreclosure processing
  • Development and planning
  • Transaction solutions
  • Sales coordination

More than 20 years' experience. Working for you.

Over the years, Stewart Vacation Ownership's team of professionals has worked with a myriad of developers, lenders, owner's associations and resale brokerages. And our timeline of accomplishments demonstrates the vast impact we've had on the vacation ownership market:

First Vacation Ownership portfolio manager to exceed $100 million in serviced accounts.

First Vacation Ownership loan management firm to structure and service a private placement program to capitalize timeshare receivables hypothecations.

Structured a non-deeded escrow model to secure public report approval for the largest non-deeded timeshare development in California. This same year, Stewart Vacation Ownership modeled an industry-standard inventory reclamation and resale management process for timeshare lender work-outs.

Served as the exclusive escrow processor for the longest running timeshare specific property auction.

Developed and implemented timeshare portfolio work-out strategies for Chase Manhattan Bank and the ReliaStar Insurance Group.

2000 & beyond
Stewart Vacation Ownership supplies state of the art technology, systems and people to drive its portfolio of custom solutions for the vacation ownership industry.

A bit of background info.

Stewart Title Company purchased a majority interest of InterCity in 2002 and we've never looked back. Since 1987, InterCity Escrow Services has invested heavily in the design, implementation and management of customized escrow processing systems. This preparation qualified InterCity to develop and implement the escrow model for California's most successful points-based vacation ownership product. With a deep understanding of both fee-title and right-to-use products, Stewart Title Company chose InterCity as the centerpiece of Stewart Vacation Ownership.