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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), pension funds, asset managers, attorneys, notaries, developers, lenders and other real estate professionals rely on a title insurer to safeguard their investment. As one of the world's leading title insurers, Stewart's commercial portfolio is among the strongest and most impressive in the industry. We have provided customized coverage for some of the world's best hotels, resorts, residential developments, business centers, shopping centers, wind farms and industrial parks. This impressive portfolio ranges from smaller commercial sites to multi-site and cross-border transactions.

As a leading provider of title insurance and real estate services, Stewart understands the importance of detailed knowledge and superior communication skills when handling a transaction. We listen to your needs and then create customized solutions that are right for you. Additionally, our global network of talented, skilled professionals provides a full array of title services, including:

  • Market-specific products and services that provide local solutions
  • A single point of contact regardless of property location(s)
  • Innovative and eco-friendly technology solutions that provide all parties unlimited access to a transaction, while enhancing the customer experience