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Foreign Investment Services

The real estate industry has become a global business, and a growing number of buyers are eager to invest in properties located in other countries. However, along with this eagerness comes various challenges, risks and uncertainties. Whether you are a U.S.-based customer who is buying real estate in a foreign country or non-U.S.-based customer who is investing in real estate in the United States, you need a title company that not only helps safeguard your investments, but also guides you and your attorney through the entire buying process. Stewart is the right title company for you.

As a leading provider of title insurance and real estate services, Stewart understands the importance of detailed knowledge and superior communication skills when handling a transaction. We listen to your needs and then create customized solutions that are right for you. Additionally, our global network of talented, skilled professionals provides a full array of title services, including:

  • Market-specific products and services that provide local solutions
  • A single point of contact regardless of property location(s)
  • Innovative and eco-friendly technology solutions that provide all parties unlimited access to a transaction, while enhancing the customer experience

At Stewart, we assist you in navigating and understanding local customs, cultures, laws and procedures so you can feel comfortable buying property in any region.