Serving the Greater Area of
Kitsap County, WA

Trust us with your title insurance needs in Kitsap County.

From Port Orchard to Hansville and Bainbridge Island to Dabob Bay, Kitsap County is unique – and so are its residents. So it only makes sense that we offer a unique approach to settlements in our Silverdale, Bainbridge Island and Port Orchard offices. We don’t just work toward closing your transaction, we work to build a relationship with you – using our many years of experience in Kitsap, we offer the real estate guidance and local market knowledge to get your deals done right.

Urgent question? We’ve got a fast answer. Title insurance issue? We have a creative solution. We’re committed to helping you navigate your transactions for an easier, more efficient closing experience. So have a look around our site, and let us show you how we can improve your next transaction.

Our approach is different. Yes, we work to ensure a smooth, positive closing experience – but we also look beyond the transaction toward building a long-term relationship and proving ourselves as a partner you can depend on.

<p>Dave Fauth<br>
Group President</p>

Dave Fauth
Group President

Stewart Insurance and Risk Management

We offer a variety of personal and commercial insurance products, including homeowners insurance, home warranty, hazard disclosures and bonds. 

A Unique Approach

We work with people in the true spirit of collaboration to ensure successful transactions and build long-lasting relationships.