Closing Information Part 3

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Now that we know who the primary providers of service are on the real estate closing, let’s walk through the sequence of events from the time you sign the earnest money contract through the day of closing.

Upon your signing of the earnest money contract and writing of the earnest money check, the real estate agent will “open title” at the title company named in the earnest money contract.

You will make a loan application with your selected mortgage lender. They will communicate with you during the next few weeks in their attempts to verify your prior loan history, employment, financial position, and appraised value of the home being purchased.

During the same period, we will research the title and send our commitment to you, the seller, your real estate agent and the mortgage lender.

We will begin amassing the information previously described.

The purchaser and the real estate agent will wait on the loan approval, satisfactory title commitment and satisfactory mechanical inspection before making firm moving plans.

After loan approval, the mortgage lender through its attorney, must prepare the substantial number of loan and legal papers necessary to attach a valid lien or mortgage on the home. We will coordinate the receipt of closing instructions from the lender instructions and other charges from your insurance agent, a survey and other items required in the earnest money contract.

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