Today's real estate environment is colored by complex new legislation and increased regulatory oversight. It takes knowledge and fortitude to steer through the alternatives available to borrowers. You may not be able to allocate the resources necessary to all those options. Stewart provides proven, cost-effective support with a comprehensive suite of fully compliant loss mitigation solutions.

Offering solutions in all 50 states, we're flexible in our approach since we are not tied to legacy systems. Our experienced staff is ready to help you trim costs and increase performance.

  • Borrower contact and solicitation services
  • Custom modification and reinstatement/repayment plans
  • Original program decisioning utilizing Net Present Value calculations to provide the best solution for both borrower and investor
  • Short Sale management support
  • Licensed debt collector
  • Compliant in all 50 states with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

Available products and services:

Loss Mitigation Services

A full suite of loss mitigation services

Stewart offers a wide range of loss mitigation services for all loan types, regardless of the investor. We assist both the borrower and the investor in resolving the delinquency in a manner leading to a resolution that is affordable for the borrower, and palatable to the investor. Stewart can increase the effectiveness of borrower programs by matching technology with innovative processes to successfully navigate assorted requirements.

  • Solicitation letter service
  • Pre-recorded outbound calls to prepare borrowers for required documents
  • High-touch, FDCPA-compliant call center
  • Telephone-based experts to guide borrowers through specific documents and the overall process
  • Reinstatement plans
  • Repayment plans
  • Custom loan modification services
  • Secure website for reliable electronic delivery of documents
  • Complete Making Home Affordable program modification fulfillment including refinance solutions
  • Multiple execution options including eSign solutions and nationwide notary service for borrowers' convenience
  • Income validation and loss mitigation underwriting services
  • High speed imaging and image management solutions
  • Title endorsements, subordinations and nationwide recordation of modifications
  • Complete Short Sale management

Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) services

Boost the performance of your home retention and loss mitigation efforts

Stewart can help mortgage servicers cost-effectively process applications for Making Home Affordable (MHA) program modifications. We specialize in supplementing servicers' efforts to preserve home ownership for their borrowers. The company's Home Retention Services organization is geared specifically to address the home retention requirements for loan servicers including the requirements of the Home Affordable Modification Program. Stewart has the necessary knowledge and experience to effectively increase your processing of mortgage modifications.

  • Soliciting borrower's financial information for qualification to a Home Affordable Refinance program (HARP) or HAMP modification
  • Dedicated call center to assist homeowners with completing financial packages
  • Production and mailing of solicitation letters, trial and final modification packages
  • Income underwriting and documentation review
  • Final modification fulfillment, including title endorsements, subordinations and nationwide recordation
  • Flexible execution models including eSign technology and a 50-state mobile notary network

Short Sale Solutions

Complete Short Sale management designed for success

Stewart has a comprehensive approach to Short Sale management that determines a confidential minimum reserve number derived from extensive market valuation analytics and negotiations with the related investors, mortgage insurance firms and subordinate lien holders. This confidential minimum reserve determination enables Stewart to quickly review and accept validated offers from qualified buyers on behalf of all the involved parties. Analytics are updated and reviewed each month, and the reserve is adjusted accordingly.

Additionally, Stewart will perform extensive title reviews upfront to ensure the property can close on time without any title issues.

In the event that no qualified offers are received within an acceptable time frame for the subject property, Stewart will engage the borrower in deed-in-lieu of foreclosure discussions and assist in transitioning the property back to the lender/servicer. Should the Short Sale be unsuccessful, Stewart has the ability to provide a full range of foreclosure services.

Our services include:

  • Contact management
  • Phone counseling for borrowers
  • Subordinate second-lien negotiation
  • Advanced MI negotiation
  • Valuation modeling
  • Real estate management center
  • Web-based tracking of tasks and documents in real time

Deed-in-Lieu (DIL)

Cost-effectively process your DIL

With the U.S. Treasury's Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) program standardizing the short sale and Deed in Lieu of foreclosure (DIL) processes, borrowers whose loan modification or Short Sale efforts have been unsuccessful have a last alternative to foreclosure. For lenders, servicers and investors seeking assistance for processing DILs, Stewart has the knowledge, products and flexibility to help cost-effectively manage the transactions.

  • Experienced title company, offering one-stop solution for DIL
  • Full suite of integrated services to compress transaction time
  • FDCPA-compliant borrower contact
  • Second lien and MI negotiation
  • Outsourcing relieves pressure on staffing