At Stewart, we offer a comprehensive suite of services and so much more to help you and your back office.

To put it simply, we can do more for your business – examining the areas that give you problems and providing solutions. Whether that means working with your internal department to perfect your process or taking tasks on ourselves. We assess your needs, adapt our capabilities to suit your processes, and we get things done.

The following is a list of our services, but these are not all we offer. Our services are constantly evolving to help you and your business.

Risk Analysis and Data Integrity

  • Foreclosure file processing reviews
  • Residential mortgage loan due diligence
  • Forensic underwriting reviews and repurchase defense
  • Regulatory compliance audits
  • Quality control reviews
  • Mortgage insurance rebuttals
  • Servicing reviews

REO Asset Management

  • Property inspection/preservation
  • Eviction, redemption and preservation
  • Valuation reconciliation and marketing strategies
  • Offer management
  • Customized reporting and expense processing
  • REO rental management
  • Commercial REO services

Loss Mitigation

  • Borrower contact and solicitation
  • FDCPA compliant borrower contact center
  • Traditional loss mitigation
  • HAMP/HAFA services
  • Home retention services
  • Short sale management
  • Deed-in-lieu

Specialized Call Centers

  • Customized call center functionality to meet your specific requirements
  • Call center staff experienced in working with borrowers
  • Inbound and outbound call coverage
  • Complete in-house printing and mailing facilities

Default Services

  • Pre-foreclosure title evidence
  • Title grading and curative services
  • Default Law Firm REO support


  • Nationwide title, closing and settlement
  • Reverse mortgage title, closing and settlement

REO Title and Settlement

  • Title search and curative
  • Lien monitoring
  • Closing and funding
  • Title insurance and underwriting

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