AIM® and SureClose® Training

These tutorials are short video presentations. Click on the title of the module you would like to review. Each module is about 5 to 10 minutes in length. At the bottom of each module is a set of controls that allows you to repeat, pause or fast forward. You may have to scroll down to see them.

May Training Opportunities

These are live, online webinars conducted by Stewart personnel. Click on "Register" and you will be taken to a website to register for the course. You will receive instructions on what website to go to and what software, if any, you may have to download to participate in the seminar. Some of the seminars require a registration fee.

5/1/08 1:00-2:00 CDT AIM for Windows® Overview Webinar Details
5/20/08 1:00-2:00 CDT AIM for Windows Session 1: Order Entry and File Management Webinar Details
5/28/08 10:00-11:30 CDT AIM for Windows Session 2: Document Preparation Webinar
5/28/08 2:00-3:30 CDT AIM for Windows Session 3: Policy Preparation and Transmittal Webinar Details
5/5/08 10:30-11:30 CDT SureClose Session: Overview Webinar Details
5/6/08 10:30-11:30 CDT SureClose Session 1: Create a New File; Summary Page Webinar Details
5/6/08 2:30-3:30 CDT SureClose Session 2: Status Page; Tasks Page Webinar Details
5/7/08 10:30-11:30 CDT SureClose Session 3: Documents Page Webinar Details
5/7/08 2:30-3:30 CDT SureClose Session 4: Chopping/Filing; Barcoding Webinar Details
5/8/08 10:30-11:30 CDT SureClose Session 5: Terms Page; Mail Merge; Contacts Webinar Details
5/8/08 2:30-3:30 CDT SureClose Session 6: Inbox; File Reports; Archiving Webinar Details
5/19/08 10:30-11:30 CDT SureClose Session: Basic Interface Webinar Details
5/20/08 10:30-11:30 CDT SureClose Session: Create Mail Merge Letter Templates Webinar Details
5/20/08 2:30-3:30 CDT SureClose Session: Create Smart PDF Forms Webinar Details
5/21/08 10:15-11:30 CDT SureClose Session: Template Management Webinar Details
5/22/08 10:00-11:30 CDT SureClose Session: Site Administration Webinar Details