Download these files to your desktop, extract them, then run the setup.exe file to install.

Rate Calculator 9.0 Updated 9/19/13 (Zip)... Not compatable with Windows Vista, 7 or 8.
Realty Transfer Tax Calculator (Zip)
EZRegister® (Zip) Updated 9/26/06 — When you convert to the newest version of AIM® for Windows, you will no longer need the EZRegister.

2006 ALTA® Forms for AIM 5.1

Save these files to your desktop then import them into your AIM system. If you are using a version of AIM older than 5.1, call us at (973) 257-5690 for assistance in making these forms compatible with your version of AIM. Thanks for being an AIM user.
Spreadsheet Containing Prefixes and Transaction Codes