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Serving the Greater Area of
Orange County, CA

Meet Our Staff


Name Contact
Loretta Granger Medrano Executive Vice President / Division President / Title Operations Manager lgranger@stewart.com Office: (619) 692-1600
Brian Mangan SoCal Division Orange County Manager brian.mangan@stewart.com Office: (949) 224-8638

Sales Department

Name Contact
Susie Jones Business Development Officer susie.jones@stewart.com Office: (949) 374-2951
Jamie Luck Business Development Officer jamie.luck@stewart.com Office: (949) 689-7018
Sandra Millar Business Development Officer smillar@stewart.com Office: (714) 343-9417
Lisa Runyon Business Development Officer lisa.runyon@stewart.com Office: (949) 933-0693
Michelle Snow-Davis Business Development Officer michelle.davis@stewart.com Office: (949) 224-8600
Stephanie Zapalac Business Development Officer stephanie.zapalac@stewart.com Office: (714) 742-7777
Michael VU Business Development Officer michael.vu@stewart.com Office: (714) 925-3823
Harley Broviak Senior Business Development Officer harley.broviak@stewart.com Office: (949) 433-3303

Title Department

Name Contact
Bob Croft Advisory Title Officer bcroft@stewart.com Office: (949) 476-0777 x276
Scott Enda Residential Title Officer senda@stewart.com Office: (949) 224-8620

Escrow Department

Name Contact
Linda Salcido Escrow Operations Manager / Vice President lsalcido@stewart.com Office: (949) 224-8652
Karen Neumann Escrow Officer karen.neumann@stewart.com Office: (949) 224-8646
Kathy Common Residential Escrow Officer kcommon@stewart.com Office: (949) 224-8616