AIM for Windows

AIM for Windows is Landata's powerful title and escrow system for order entry, document preparation, escrow accounting, closing, file tracking and management reporting.

AIM for Windows Users:

  • AIM for Windows is designed for effective use in both large and small office settings: 200+ users working on a client-server environment or one person in a small office.

Agent Technology Capabilities:

  • AIM for Windows offers archiving capabilities - allowing you to preserve your files without incurring storage fees. 

  • AIM for Windows' electronic capabilities increase accuracy and decrease keying time and turn-time, providing the tools to conduct a completely paperless closing. Electronic exchange of data between multiple transaction management systems helps brush up order processing speed. 

  • Document transfer via e-mail and fax places the focus on faster communication with customers. 

  • AIM for Windows offers a tie to electronic signature and recordation companies for e-closings. 

  • A tie to TitleSearch transmits data, with a click on a toolbar icon, from AIM for Windows to TitleSearch, where a search automatically kicks off.

  • Order Entry enters specific information for an individual order file. Multiple buyers, sellers, lenders and customers can be associated with an order.

  • File Tracking and History visually tracks files with drag-and-drop technology.

  • Document Preparation creates custom forms in Microsoft Word, using order entry and custom elements.

  • HUD Closing performs rate calculations and tax stamp calculations.

  • Check and Receipt Writing performs automated and manual check and receipt writing.

  • Funds Disbursement includes grouping and splitting items.

  • Policy printing allows unlimited underwriters to print policy with automatic capture to a paper or electronic register.

  • Escrow Accounting allows for file balance, bank reconciliation and accounting reports.

  • Management reports provide standard and customizable management reports.

  • Quick search provides 33 search fields that can all be used to define a search, including Soundex.

  • Help System includes procedural help. 

  • Setup Wizard provides a step-by-step lead to system setup screens. 

  • Copy File Feature provides the ability to copy the order and doc-prep information from one file to another.

  • Stewart provides online forms to the real estate brokerage, title insurance and mortgage lending industries with Webforms, AIM® online title documents and Online Documents Inc.'s forms solutions.

Future agent technology plans for AIM for Windows: 
This is our flagship product that we use to increase agent productivity and profitability, an incredible tool for capturing premium dollars.

Click here to view a Demo of AIM® for Windows®.

AIM for Windows contact: Sherry Ross, AIM for Windows product manager, Landata Systems, Inc., 210-767-9781.