The GFExpressQuote® is a Good Faith Estimate calculator for title agents’ title fees, premiums, recording fees and transfer taxes.

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A lender’s capability to provide an accurate Good Faith Estimate (GFE) is crucial under the new HUD-1 rules. Stewart’s new online GFExpressQuote® calculator provides immediate, detailed quotes designed to help your lender accurately complete the new GFE.

The Stewart GFExpresQuote can help your agency:

  1. provide the appropriate title-related costs required under the new HUD-1 rules directly to your lender and consumer customers
  2. provide your specific agency’s title fees, title insurance premiums, recording fees and applicable transfer taxes in the GFE format so it can be easily downloaded, emailed or printed by your customers

Your lender customers may also manage their quotes and turn them into title orders when appropriate via the GFExpressQuote®/Stewart Orders platform. These orders can also be automatically loaded into Stewart’s title and escrow production systems AIM+®/AIM® for Windows®.

The GFExpressQuote® calculator is integrated with your agency website, enabling you to provide enhanced service to both current and potential lender customers. Your agency will be listed in your website's unique calculator and PropertyInfo®’s GFExpressQuote® site, providing your agency a broader presence and driving lenders seeking title services in your area to your agency.

The GFExpressQuote® calculator is available for a one-time setup and agency training fee of $395 for each state incorporated into the calculator. There is also a $15 per month support and maintenance fee which includes ongoing changes to your rates as requested.

The GFExpressQuote® Calculator has improved our relationship with lenders in multiple ways. In terms of compliance, the lender knows that our fees are correct, the quote for title insurance is correct, and the recording cost and taxes are correct. As for convienence, the lenders no longer have to wait for us to get back to them on an initial quote, or a re-quote. Our fees and costs are available to them at any time.
M. Taylor Hewgley
Chief Operations Manager
Mid South Title Services, LLC
Memphis, Tennessee

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