Information Services of Illinois offers property profiles for individual Chicago and Cook County condo units

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Real estate agents, investors, developers and others use data to drive target-marketing efforts

HOUSTON (Oct. 2, 2006) - Information Services of Illinois LLC, (ISI) a veteran Chicagoland real estate data provider, is now providing ownership information on individual condominium units via its Property Profile product online at

ISI, one of the only entities that offers differentiation of condominium units, matches unit number and property addresses with tax ID numbers.

"This information enables real estate professionals, investors, developers, mortgage brokers and others to target individual condo unit owners to offer them a variety of services," said Don Wanke, ISI general manager.

"For instance, a real estate agent could mail to condo owners in a certain price range, sending them information about an active adult community outside Phoenix and asking to list their unit for sale," said Wanke. "A mortgage broker could offer refinancing information targeting condo owners directly.

"In the past, there was no way to differentiate between units in most condominium complexes," he said. "Blanket mailers had to go to the primary condominium street address. Now, owners can be offered only the services they would want or need, and marketing efforts are much improved for service providers."

The market in Chicago for new condominiums is very active, with Appraisal Research Counselors reporting 8,162 new condo sales in 2005, up from 6,298 the year before. Existing condo sales are also strong. According to the National Association of Realtors®, the median price for condominiums in Chicago was $223,200 for second quarter 2006, up 5.9 percent from a year ago. The median is a market price where half the units sold for more and half for less.

A variety of data services and packages are available on a subscription basis via the Web site at For information, contact Don Wanke at (800) ISI-3990 (474-3990) or

About ISI

ISI is a joint venture between REIData Inc. and the Multiple Listing Service of Northern Illinois (MLSNI). MLSNI is the largest listing service for the northern Illinois real estate market.

About REIData

REIData Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corp. As a real estate information provider, REIData serves the title, realty and lending markets via data access, integrated data applications, and online product distribution through its Web portal, REIData provides real estate transaction professionals with the electronic data and integrated applications needed to increase their business efficiency and improve the quality of information used throughout the real estate transaction process. More information about REIData is available at

About Stewart

Stewart Information Services Corp. (NYSE-STC), a technology-driven, strategically competitive, real estate information and transaction management company. Stewart provides title insurance and related information services required for settlement by the real estate and mortgage industries through more than 9,000 policy-issuing offices and agencies in the United States and international markets. Stewart also provides post-closing lender services, mortgage default management solutions, automated county clerk land records, property ownership mapping, geographic information systems, property information reports, flood certificates, document preparation, background checks and expertise in tax-deferred exchanges. More information can be found at


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