New AIM For Windows Version 4.0 Demonstrated At NASSCON 2002

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HOUSTON - (May 9, 2002) Landata Systems Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corp. (NYSE-STC), announces the release and demonstration of AIM® for Windows® version 4.0 in booth 602 at NASSCON 2002, The National Settlement Services Conference May 12 - 15 in Las Vegas.

AIM for Windows 4.0 is available for both general release and via the Internet using™, Landata's managed solution partner (MSP) service. The new version offers integration features to save the user time and increase productivity. On, AIM for Windows integrates or works in conjunction with TitleSearch®, StewartTrak™, SearcherNet™ and FileStor®.

"My users particularly like new time-saving functionality in the Closing module," said Scott Zolnoski, office automation coordinator for Stewart Title of Oregon, who recently upgraded to AIM for Windows 4.0 from version 2.5.4. "The program's enhanced stability and use of Windows® 2000 make things much faster for my users. So many of their customers use Windows 2000 and they can now easily open most of the documents they are sent by e-mail."

Key Features

  • A new extract tool pulls data from AIM for Windows into an XML file that is exported to Stewart's Policy Register program.
  • Rent Statements, including calculations for prorations and deposits, are available within the Closing module. Calculations for annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily prorations flow to specific HUD lines. Rent statements can be printed, e-mailed and faxed.
  • A two-way flow of information has been added between the Order Entry and Closing modules. Changes made to the Closing Date, Sales Price or Loan Amount made in either Closing or Order Entry will flow to the other module.
  • Receipts posted through the File Cabinet can update line 201 of the HUD.
  • Payoff lenders and mortgage brokers can now be added to the lender tab in Order Information and flow to other modules.
  • With automatic handling of yield spread premiums, the fee will automatically show on the lender's receipt and create a disbursement item for the mortgage broker.
  • Combined statement displays the buyers and seller's debits and credits in a non-HUD, easy-to-use format.
  • A copy files enhancement allows users to manually assign file numbers.
  • The addition of sub-lines on certain HUD lines allow users to input up to twenty payoffs or prorations per line. The total dollar amounts of the sub-lines roll up to the HUD. These changes allow users to enter more information conveniently and consistently.
  • New Order Information fields for commission percentages for the listing and selling brokers are available on the Customer tab.
  • Users can now select that a fee be withheld from the second lender's receipt on the Disbursement Worksheet.
  • The Closing module payee field automatically updates the primary and secondary customer information every time it is changed in Order Information, eliminating dual data entry.

Microsoft Desktop Edition (MSDE)

Version 4.0 is the first version of AIM for Windows to use Microsoft Desktop Edition (MSDE) as a database option, replacing Access. MSDE was designed and optimized for use on small computer systems. Because MSDE is based on the same data engine as SQL Server, customers who adopt this solution will be able to run SQL Server versions of AIM for Windows without actually purchasing Microsoft SQL Server. An added benefit is that, unlike Access, MSDE can be used for remote offices. Small sites with one person stationed remotely will no longer have to purchase Microsoft SQL Server.

"MSDE makes AIM for Windows 4.0 a viable option for smaller offices without the ability to invest in SQL licenses," said Sherry Ross, product manager, Landata Systems, Inc. "Instead of using more expensive SQL Server technology, smaller offices will be able to use MSDE as their database." MDSE is automatically part of the AIM for Windows installation, so customers don't have to purchase anything new to use the technology.

About AIM for Windows

AIM for Windows is a powerful title and escrow system for order entry, document preparation, closing, escrow accounting, file tracking and management. It is easy to use, flexible, expandable, highly efficient and a solid base for building your electronic future. AIM for Windows is a part of Landata Title Office®, the award-winning suite of cutting-edge software solutions developed to enhance productivity and connectivity.

For more information about AIM for Windows, call the Landata HelpCenter at 1-888-LANDATA (526-3282) or send an e-mail to For information about the NASSCON conference, go to

Landata Systems, Inc. ( is a software developer and technical services provider to the title insurance and real estate industries, offering excellent software development, consulting and support. Products offer: order entry; document preparation; closing and escrow accounting; online underwriting and real estate information; imaging; title plant; and electronic commerce.

Stewart Information Services Corporation is a technology driven, strategically competitive, global real estate information company. Stewart provides title insurance and related information services through more than 5,900 issuing locations in the United States and several international markets. Stewart meets the needs of the real estate and mortgage industries through the delivery of information services required for settlement using e-commerce. These services include title reports, flood determinations, property appraisals, surveys, document preparation, property reports and background checks. Stewart also supplies post-closing services to lenders, automated county clerk land records and geographic information systems for governmental entities. Stewart provides expertise in tax-deferred exchanges. More information about Stewart can be found at


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