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This product or service is offered in conjunction with Stewart's Green Initiative, as a part of our ongoing commitment to greening the environment and our business practices

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  • §1031 Exchanges

    As a Stewart subsidiary and top-qualified intermediary company in the country, Asset Preservation Inc. is the leader in facilitating tax-deferred property exchanges. Our professional exchange counselors, attorneys and accountants work together to meet your service needs for a simplified, smooth transaction. We have the experience, expertise and security necessary to provide a level of comfort and quality you can rely on in the exchange industry. 

  • 1099 Reporting

    Our 1099 service can help you increase the accuracy of the information you report while saving your agency valuable time and resources. With Stewart handling the printing and mailing of your filings by the appropriate deadlines, you can keep your focus on what you know best – your business.

  • Advanced Title Search (ATS)

    Advanced Title Search provides an automated and efficient title search process for title agencies, attorneys and title underwriters. ATS is a web-based search management application that gathers title records (tax, assessment, reorder, title plant and other public records) to generate a consolidated title search report that can upload into AIM®, SureClose®, SoftPro™ and other production systems. 

  • AgencySecure ®

    Stewart's new AgencySecure program can help you reduce title claims, escrow theft and mortgage fraud. It provides access to all Stewart agency technology and services and offers title agencies the ability to better manage potential claims resulting from poor quality search work and helps prevent escrow theft and mortgage fraud. AgencySecure enables customers to efficiently process closings, issue title policies, eReport, eRemit and electronically store closed-file documents.

    AgencySecure also provides automatic, "three-way" bank reconciliation; detects suspicious activities; provides best practice alerts; and proactively monitors files continuously for fraudulent activities. 

  • AIM® — Title Production System

    If you’re looking for a simple and easy solution for your title and closing processes, that also manages your escrow information – AIM title production software is just what you need. This system allows you to enter orders, prepare documents, track files and more. It integrates with a variety of programs so you can work faster and communicate better.

  • Bonds Insurance

    Stewart Specialty Insurance Services offers a full range of surety and fidelity products to protect your business interests. Our bond agents know the ins and outs of the industry, understand the different bond products available and can help you choose the right bond, right bond carrier and the right price for your business or product. 

  • Centralized Title and Settlement

    Stewart Lender Services® works closely with lender customers to coordinate all the details regarding the closing and funding process. Our settlement services range from full closing with escrow to signing-only services. Using our network of closing agents and notaries, Stewart Lender Services arranges and schedules the most convenient closing location for the borrower(s). We further simplify the process by handling the invoicing and payment of vendors through our funding services. 

  • Commercial Insurance

    Stewart understands the importance of risk management. We offer a variety of products to help you manage your business risk as well as enhance your employee benefit offering. In addition, we continually provide you with the most competitively priced insurance products. 

  • Commercial Services

    (855) 858-3285 

    Stewart Title Commercial Services provides the single point of contact for national accounts that require a special expertise in commercial closing and underwriting. Comprised of a network of knowledgeable professionals, we have the experience to manage services for the most complex single and multi-site transactions regardless of their location – local, national or global. By partnering with us, you will have convenient access to the most commanding scope of services available. Specialized teams deliver custom solutions to a diverse customer base, which includes, Fortune 500 Companies, National Lenders, Corporate Real Estate Executives, Pension Funds, REITs, Insurance Companies, Developers, Asset Managers, National Builders and Real Estate Attorneys. 

  • CountyFusion®

    CountyFusion records management software can help streamline efficiencies and enhance security measures to protect constituents as well as the integrity of your records. The application is capable of managing a wide range of records including land records, vitals, case management, courts, application processing, certifications as well as licensing and permits. It can handle all basic functions of recording, cashiering, imaging, indexing and private-labeled search portals with web enablement, and includes advanced features such as OCR/ICR indexing, self-service kiosks, redaction, FraudSleuth, performance metrics, and comprehensive reporting and auditing. 

  • Default and Foreclosure Services

    Stewart Lender Services provides specialized foreclosure and default expertise, superior service, unsurpassed financial strength, innovative technology and quick, efficient foreclosure processing times. In addition, we also focus heavily on the timing of the title search and curative work between the REO transactions, the need to address all issues with a larger group of parties, interaction with a group of unknown new lenders, involvement of Asset Management companies and the differing processes between REO customers. 

  • eClipse — Electronic Recording System

    eClipse is an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform that provides significant functionality to improve the document recordation and management process. It supports recordation of real estate, court, vital records and miscellaneous documents, data warehouse/ecommerce, e-recording for land records and a robust public access solution. eClipse also includes a multi-user examination module used to review real estate e-recording packages and sophisticated redaction capability supporting interactive and batch processing. 

  • eClosingRoom — Eco-Friendly Electronic Closing System

    Offer 20-minute electronic closings today with eClosingRoom. eClosingRoom integrates with Stewart’s online document management system, SureClose®, to allow borrowers to preview and pre-sign many closing documents in the convenience of their home, office or anywhere with Internet access – reducing closing time from hours to minutes. 

  • Electronic Title Underwriting

    Access the underwriting information you need to close a transaction in record time with Stewart's Virtual Underwriter® (VU). With VU, you can access information from the Special Alerts Database, which includes a list of Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons, along with Stewart's closing alerts. You can also view underwriting manuals, forms, bulletins, business practices, standard exceptions and more. These services are available for use 24/7 online. 

  • Errors & Omissions Insurance

    Stewart Specialty Insurance Services offers professional liability coverage that covers mistakes made by professionals on behalf of another party. Our E&O insurance is underwritten by a variety of highly rated carriers with many years of experience in the liability coverage field. 

  • Escrow Account Reconciliation Services

    Get the best in assistance for your escrow accounting reconciliation needs with Stewart Financial Services. With Stewart's proven expertise in the industry, you can feel confident you have a leader safeguarding your fiduciary responsibility. We offer a variety of services that help reconcile your accounts in a timely manner to save you money. 

  • Escrow Security Bonds

    Stewart Specialty Insurance Services offers the Escrow Security Bond specifically crafted to protect against direct financial losses suffered by you as a result of dishonest or fraudulent acts by agency personnel. 

  • Equity Loss Protection

    Stewart Specialty Insurance Services offers the Equity Loss Protection program to protect your property investment and reduce fear of hardship, should you be forced to sell your home at a loss due to unexpected life events. 

  • Financial Services

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    Get the best in assistance for your escrow accounting needs with Stewart Financial Services. With Stewart’s proven expertise in the industry, you can feel confident you have a leader protecting your investments. We offer a variety of services that can help reconcile your accounts in a timely manner to save you money. 

  • Flood Zone Determinations

    Through a partnership, Stewart offers the Basic Flood Determination and a Life of Loan Determination along with Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) information to lenders, mortgage loan servicers, REALTORS®, and others. 

  • GFExpressQuote ®

    Now your lender customers can get title premium and title services fee quotes for their Good Faith Estimates (GFEs) at the click of a button with GFExpressQuote® from Stewart. You can add it to your website for easy customer access — it's simple, fast and nationwide. 

  • Homeowners Insurance

    Stewart Specialty Insurance Services partners with a broad range of highly rated insurance companies to offer our customers competitive pricing on homeowners insurance. 

  • Home Warranty

    Stewart Specialty Insurance Services offers comprehensive coverage for home systems and appliances through a network of highly rated insurance carriers. You get sensible protection against unexpected repair costs. It is home warranty made simple. 

  • Insured Closing Letters

    The Insured Closing Letter (ICL) system is a secure, Internet-based application available to all Stewart Title agencies. It's easy to use and allows you to quickly generate ICLs with just the click of your mouse. 

  • International Title and Escrow

    Stewart offers the experience, expertise and financial backing necessary to handle an assortment of transactions. With offices in Australia, The Caribbean, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the United States, we can provide title guaranty, title insurance, escrow and closing services in most countries around the world. In addition, we understand the apprehension that can surface when purchasing real estate abroad. Language barriers, unfamiliarity with local laws and customs, and a host of other potential issues may give you cause for concern. At Stewart, we assist you in navigating and understanding local customs, cultures, laws and procedures so you can feel comfortable buying property in any region. 

  • Lender Express Quote

    Now you can calculate your closing costs for your Good Faith Estimate (GFE) at the click of a button. It’s simple, fast and nationwide. Simply log in and complete the form with the pertinent information and receive your quote, then save, print or place your order with a Stewart Title office near you. The fees will be returned in a GFE format.

  • Linked Commitment

    Instead of a traditional title commitment, provide your customers with a linked commitment to simplify the process and save them time. Linked Commitment contains hyperlinks to the images of the supporting title evidence referenced on the title commitment.* 

  • Loss Mitigation Services

    Stewart's Loss Mitigation Services provides a fully compliant array of products and services that help increase your effectiveness when navigating through today's real estate environment. With a variety of nationwide solutions, experienced staff, flexible options and financial strength, we can offer proven, cost-effective support. 

  • Marketing Resources

    Distinguish your title agency from the competition and increase sales with new marketing materials available from Stewart Marketing. These useful tools will help you promote business, while constructing an overall consistent look and feel. And since they are customizable with your company information and logo, you can help strengthen your brand. From flyers, drop cards, PowerPoint templates, calendars, greeting cards, postcards and eCards to promotional items, public relations toolkits, and trade show and event guides—Stewart has you covered. 

  • Mortgage Quality Control

    To help lenders meet regulatory and licensing challenges and improve internal efficiency, Stewart Lender Services performs origination and servicing mortgage quality control reviews on conventional and government loans in accordance with the requirements of private lenders and a variety of institutions, including Fannie Mae®, Freddie Mac®, Housing and Urban Development and more.

  • Mortgage Origination Quality Control Software

    Property Profiles is an information portal designed to enhance the real estate transaction process. Through this portal, you can create targeted marketing campaigns to attract and retain business. Property Profiles gives you the ability to generate marketing lists, a professional comparable market analysis, or a high-end marketing brochure that outlines a property’s easements and exceptions. 

  • Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports

    Stewart Specialty Insurance Services provides professional natural hazard disclosure reports quickly, affordably and completely, either online or delivered to your door. 

  • Net Sheet Mobile App

    With the new Net Sheet app for Apple mobile devices, you have 24/7 access to Stewart Title’s rates. Using that information, this app enables you to help clients understand closing costs, as well as provide an estimated dollar amount of what they will receive after selling their residential property, or what they will need to bring to complete their next purchase. 

  • Orders Gateway

    Orders Gateway makes it easier than ever for you to place orders for title searches, while simultaneously giving your lender customers the ability to order services from you. By offering one centralized online location to place and track orders as well as receive completed search work, you can improve efficiency. Orders Gateway offers integration with most title and escrow production systems. In addition, it allows your lender customers to order title services from you with quote-to-order integration with GFExpressQuote®. Lenders can easily get a quote from you using GFExpressQuote®, place the order with the click of a button and track their orders through Orders Gateway. 

  • Personal Insurance

    Stewart offers all personal insurance needs: Auto, Flood, Home, Life, Motorcycle, Umbrella, Valuable Articles and Watercraft. Stewart Specialty Insurance leverages a network of highly rated insurance carriers. Customers will receive competitive pricing, quality coverage with policies available nationally, as well as excellent customer service. 

  • Post-Closing Support Services

    Whether production levels are up or down, Stewart Lender Services' Post-Closing Support Services can enhance, supplement or become the back-office function you need when you need it. We can assist you in performing at peak efficiency through a turnkey solution or by outsourcing certain functions. Whatever you need, Stewart can convert fixed costs into a variable expense and remove the guesswork from your post-closing operations. 

  • Pre-employment Screening

    (800) STEWART

    Experience what Stewart Human Resources can do for you. When you choose Stewart, you have the benefit of getting consulting advice in all areas of personnel, training and more. 

  • Preferred Providers for Title Agencies

    The Stewart Preferred Program provides products and services to Stewart offices and independent agencies. 

  • Proactive Short Sale Management

    Stewart Lender Services has a comprehensive system approach to Short Sale management that determines a confidential minimum reserve number, derived from extensive market valuation analytics and negotiations with the related investors, MI firms and subordinate lien holders. This confidential minimum reserve determination enables Stewart to quickly review and accept validated offers from qualified buyers on behalf of all parties involved. 

  • Property Profiles

    Property Profiles is an information portal designed to enhance the real estate transaction process. Through this portal, you can create targeted marketing campaigns to attract and retain business. Property Profiles gives you the ability to generate marketing lists, a professional comparable market analysis, or a high-end marketing brochure that outlines a property’s easements and exceptions. 

  • REO Title and Settlement and Asset Management

    Regulation, government programs and growing portfolios are placing increased demands on your staff. Stewart Lender Services can help. With years of real estate industry experience, advanced technology and a seasoned team of REO professionals, we can tailor a solution for your business that helps you better manage REO assets through to successful disposition. 

  • SearchInsure

    When placing a title search order through Orders Gateway, you can now elect to purchase SearchInsure. SearchInsure provides you with additional E&O coverage against errors on the title search for non-Stewart policies. This enables you to order all title searches from one source without worrying about other underwriters refusing to cover Stewart searches. That, in turn, allows you to streamline your operations and save time. 

  • Special Alerts

    Special Alerts is Stewart's searchable data system based on the U.S. Treasury website setting out Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) Blocked Persons and the Fraud and Closing Alerts issued by Stewart's National Legal Services. 

  • Stewart Title Electronic Policy System (STEPS) — Policy Jacket Generation

    Create policy jackets online using the Stewart Title Electronic Policy System (STEPS). Now there's no need to manually finish policy logs or sort through piles of inventory. STEPS will automatically assign policy numbers, time-stamp the policy and keep track of each jacket – all in one place. You can work faster, more easily and more efficiently. 

  • STEPS eRemit

    With STEPS eRemit, agencies can easily submit policy images and registers to Stewart electronically. eRemit works with most Windows®-based title and escrow production systems you work with, including but not limited to RamQuest, SoftPro and TitleExpress. STEPS eRemit allows you to quickly upload and submit your policy images and registers to Stewart electronically. This means not only less work for you, it also means you can eliminate a large amount of your paper and shipping costs – helping both the environment and your bottom line. 

    Click here to download the STEPS eRemit application.
    Click here to register for STEPS eRemit training. 

  • Stewart My Files App

    The Stewart Online mobile app, Stewart My Files, provides an eco-friendly means of staying on top of your transactions by giving you mobile access to a convenient, collaborative online environment between you and Stewart Title. 

  • Stewart Online

    Stay on top of your real estate transactions with Stewart Online, powered by SureClose®. As a Stewart Title customer you have complimentary, secure access to your real estate transactions via Stewart Online. Log in anytime, anywhere you have Internet access, 24/7. 

  • Stewart Prior Files

    Reduce your search time by utilizing Stewart Prior Files. This online database is available 24/7, searchable on multiple criteria and provides Stewart prior policy information and images for policies issued by Stewart across the United States and internationally. 

  • Stewart Relocation Services

    (800) 729-1906

    Stewart Relocation Services (SRS) provides a single point of contact for the relocation industry to order title and closing services in all of the United States. As the liaison with our nationwide network of issuing offices and title agencies, we simplify the transaction for the customer, providing a uniform level of quality service coast-to-coast. 

  • StewartSitebuilder — Websites

    StewartSitebuilder powered by EmpowerKit makes it easier than ever for you to have an effective and professional website. StewartSitebuilder offers you different templates at an assortment of prices to choose from so getting an eye-catching website has never been more affordable. Packages include company logo, location map, pre-designed templates, custom landing pages, pre-populated title industry content for your use, and more depending on the package selected.

  • Stewart Title Online Net Sheet

    Make accurate calculations as well as help customers understand taxes, closing costs, rates and more using the Stewart Title Online Net Sheet. Available 24/7 on each local office website under the Tools and Resources section, the Online Net Sheet makes it easier for you to figure out how much money sellers can expect to receive upon sale of their residential property or the amount of money buyers need to bring to closing for their purchase.* Best of all, you can tailor information specific to your needs and then email results to yourself or your customer.

    *This tool is for estimating purposes only. The actual transaction results may vary. Please refer to the terms of usage.

  • SureClose® — Online Transaction Management

    Manage your transactions and documents online today with SureClose. This system helps you stay on track and allows you to be fully interactive with customers. You can upload documents and make changes that are readily available for customers to review. SureClose also helps increase productivity by reducing the number of daily faxes, phone calls and deliveries received. It’s available online 24/7, and all you need to get started is your username and password.

    Take a tour of SureClose. 

  • Timeshare Title Insurance and Other Services

    Stewart Vacation Ownership has gathered resources around the needs of developers, lenders, owners' associations and resale brokerages to deliver the solutions and service they deserve. Whether the transaction is in the U.S. or abroad, we can provide complete title and escrow services for deeded and non-deeded developments, unrivaled and proven inventory control, foreclosure and deed-in-lieu processing for assessment liens, trust deeds and mortgages, development planning and registration services, transaction consulting, and sale coordination. 

  • Title & Closing Services


    Stewart Title offers residential, commercial, international, relocation, and vacation ownership title and closing services. Stewart has over 120 years of title expertise across the industry and around the world for all transaction types including purchase, refinance, short sale and reverse mortgages. 

  • Title Plant Software & Solutions

    Manage all of your title plant information and expedite your search process with TitleSearch®. This special imaging software is made for title plants and easily integrates with other software – helping simplify your daily title search process. And if you need to publish land records, eTitleSearch is just what you need. For more product information and a listing of databases currently being published, visit our web site at 

  • TitleWorkPlace — Hosted Solution

    Take advantage of TitleWorkPlace and take the headache out of hosting your business applications. With our Application Service Provider (ASP), managing your technology needs just got easier. Simply log into our secure site and view your information with a click of a mouse. With no software to load, you have the flexibility to work anywhere with Internet access and, best of all, there’s no need for costly equipment. 

  • Unclaimed Property Reporting

    Customized to your agency’s specific needs, our Unclaimed Property Reporting service makes it easy to maintain compliance with reporting requirements while managing aged outstanding checks and open file balances. We offer one-time assistance or full escheatment services to meet your needs.

  • Unemployment Payment Protection

    Stewart Specialty Insurance Services offers a simple and convenient way to reduce fear of financial distress and foreclosure in the event of job loss. 

  • Weekly Summary Report

    Your customers can track their entire transaction progress simply by reading one email a week, thanks to the Weekly Summary Report. As a feature within the SureClose® transaction management system and Stewart Online, the Weekly Summary Report makes it easy for affiliates and agencies to automatically send a weekly report straight to their lender and REALTOR® customers’ inbox. The report gives recipients a snapshot of their transaction, which includes a list of completed tasks and documents received within the last seven days. Whenever customers want to view documents, they can log on any time through the secure SureClose or Stewart Online website.