Estimated Buyer's Net Sheet

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  • Shaded areas are automatically calculated.
  • For escrow fee over $1,000,000, please call our office.
  • Consult a loan professional for appropriate loan charges.
  • This is an estimate only. See disclosure below.
Buyer Information
Property Address
Proposed Purchase Price $
1st Loan Amount $
Interest Rate %
(use decimals)
2nd Loan Amount $
Interest Rate %
(use decimals)
Estimated Closing Date
Estimated Buyer's Expense
Loan Origination Fee %    
Loan Origination Fee Escrow Buyer Pays? 0%
Processing Fee Escrow Fee
Funding Fee E-Doc Fee
Prepaid Interest
(use new payment P&I)
Recording Fees
Appraisal Fee Notary/Signing Fees
Credit Report Document Preparation Fees
Loan Endorsements Structural Pest Control Inspection
(1st year payment)
Structural Pest Control Repairs
Other Lender Fees 1 Property Inspection Fee
Other Lender Fees 2 Other Inspection Fees
Tax Service Buyer Pays Home Warranty? 0%
Prorated Property Taxes
(based on existing taxes)
Home Warranty Fee
Buyer Pays City Transfer Tax?

HOA Transfer Fees
Transaction Coordinator Fee
City Transfer Tax
(if required)
2nd Loan Escrow Fee
Hazard Insurance (1st year) FedEx
Wire Funds Fee Other 1
* Property Tax Impounds
(based on new taxes)
Other 2
* Insurance Impounds Other 3
Buyer Pays Title Insurance? 0%
Title Insurance (Owners)    
Title Insurance (ALTA Lender) Total Closing Costs
Estimated Credits and Cash Required
Estimated Credits Estimated Cash Required
Deposits Closing Costs
Prorated Property Taxes
(based on existing taxes)
Down Payments
Rent Less Credits
Security Deposits    
Closing Cost Credits from Seller
Total Credits Estimated Total Cash Required
Estimated Monthly Payments
First Loan Amount $ Second Loan Amount $
Principal & Interest
(unless Interest Only)
Principal & Interest
(unless Interest Only)
* Taxes
* Insurance
Total Monthly Payment
* If impounds are required
Note: Adjustable rate monthly payments may increase or decrease at various times over the life of the loan. Some loans may have balloon payments or deferred principal. Confirm directly with lender all terms and conditions of said loan.

This estimate has been prepared to assist in computing the Buyer's closing costs. Lender, title companies and escrow holders may vary in their charges. Expenses will also vary according to costs for required repairs and other items. Therefore, these figures cannot be guaranteed by Stewart Title or any real estate representatives. Who pays closing costs can vary depending on local customs and/or the purchase agreement terms. All estimates and information are believed reliable but not guaranteed.

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Always consider consulting a real estate professional and qualified loan advisor for help when buying real property.

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