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The Wire Fraud Protection You and Your Customers Deserve

Get it through our Stewart Trusted Provider Deal with CertifID

It’s time to level-up against wire fraud and protect your company and customers from this risk.  As a Stewart Trusted Provider™, you can empower your teams and help your customers steer clear of falling victim to wire fraud with protection through CertifID. This benefit is yours at a tremendous savings that’s exclusive to Stewart Trusted Providers who close with Stewart. 

CertifID is a secure platform designed specifically for title professionals that: 

  • Provides authentication of the parties in a real estate transaction 
  • Guarantees the secure transfer of bank account information and funds, including mortgage payoffs 
  • Protects each wire transfer up to $1,000,000 against fraud

Through our exclusive deal with CertifID, Stewart Trusted Providers™ get wire fraud protection at up to 70% off CertifID's standard rates. This provides you with meaningful risk protection and tremendous savings.

Stewart & CertifID

A message from CertifID Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Tom Cronkright

Don’t wait to start protecting your customers. Click the link below to learn more about CertifID and how you can take advantage of this opportunity.