Serving the Greater Area of
Ardmore, OK

Helping Ardmore and Southern Oklahoma residents have worry-free closings.

From historic Main Street in the center of Ardmore, out into the city’s surrounding southern Oklahoma communities, we’ve helped people through real estate transactions of every type and size on “the sunny side” of the Arbuckle Mountains. We’re ready to do the same with you. To offer guidance where needed. To respond quickly to your needs. To find the right solutions for any problems with the title to your property.

We’ve got a history here ourselves, building relationships with customers that help build the community we all live and work in. We’d like to do the same with you. So, please, look around our site and learn the many ways working with us can benefit you.

Our approach is different. Yes, we work to ensure a smooth, positive closing experience – but we also look beyond the transaction toward building a long-term relationship and proving ourselves as a partner you can depend on.

<p>Mary Ann Nelson-Sutterfield<br>
Division President</p>

Mary Ann Nelson-Sutterfield
Division President

Stewart Insurance and Risk Management

We offer a variety of personal and commercial insurance products, including homeowners insurance, home warranty, hazard disclosures and bonds. 

A Unique Approach

We work with people in the true spirit of collaboration to ensure successful transactions and build long-lasting relationships. 

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