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Title Services

A thorough title examination is an integral part of the real estate pre-closing process. Our staff of top notch examiners will meticulously search the maze of information in the local land records for matters that affect or encumber your property. Recording services are also available for documents in any jurisdiction. 

Title Insurance

Owning real estate is one of the most precious values of freedom enjoyed in this country. When you decide to buy real estate, you want to be sure the property will be yours and that no one else will have any unexpected liens or claims or encumbrances against your property other than your agreed to mortgage. Title insurance is recognized as a necessary protection for real estate investments. Our office can provide Owner, Lender, and Leasehold policies on all transaction types. Click here to find out more about Title Insurance.

Real Estate Closings

If you are purchasing or refinancing residential or commercial property allow our expert staff to assist you in your real estate closing process. Stewart Title & Settlement professionals are dedicated to providing exemplary customer service and expertise for all transaction types. Call us at 1-800-644-7842. 

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code allows an owner to exchange investment properties and defer payment of State and Federal capital gains taxes. Asset Preservation, Inc. our qualified intermediary subsidiary can help you through the maze of paperwork and government regulations so that you can take advantage of this excellent method of building wealth and deferring taxes. For more information on 1031 Exchanges, please click here or contact us at 1-800-644-7842.