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Washington Fees


Purchase Transaction
These fees are to be used for good faith purposes only and are subject to change in connection with lender requirements, contact and loan amount adjustments.

Total settlement fee is $600 and includes the following services:

  • Closing / Settlement Fee
  • Title Abstract Fee
  • Electrical / Technical / Administrative Fee
  • Title Binder
  • Tax Certificate
  • Notary Fees
  • Courier
    Please note: The settlement fee does not include the cost of a survey as it is an additional service and may not be required for all transactions. If it is required by your lender the cost is approximately $225 in DC.


** Additional charges will apply when there are two loans. There is a $100 fee in addition to the settlement fee for closing second mortgages.

** Powers of Attorney - there is a $75 charge for preparation of a power of attorney.

Title Insurance
                                     WHAT IS TITLE INSURANCE?
When the home you are purchasing has an existing owners insurance policy, you are entitles to a discount on the new policy. We will ensure, where such coverage exists, that you receive a reissue rate on your new insurance.

Recordation and Transfer Charges

Record Deed and Deed of Trust$156.50
Recordation Tax1.1% of Contract Price
(Under $400k)
1.45% of Contract Price
(Over $400k)