Home Warranty

Affordable coverage that could save you hundreds of dollars

Your home systems and appliances won't last forever. In fact, the average life expectancy of nine critical home systems and appliances is 13 years, and the likelihood of failure in a given year is 68%.1 Homeowners spend an average of $900 each year to repair home systems and appliances1. The cost for just one appliance or systems repair can range from $65 to $2,0001, and replacement costs average $1,319.2

Getting a home warranty for yourself or as an offering to potential buyers helps provide the holder with peace of mind because it:

  • Covers most home systems and appliances
  • Pays for repair or replacement of any covered item that breaks down due to normal wear and tear
  • Can save much of the expense, time and frustration of dealing with unexpected covered repairs

The Stewart Home Warranty is a step above

Of course, you shouldn’t settle for just any home warranty out there, the Stewart Home Warranty through Home Warranty of America (HWA) is the right choice in case things go wrong. HWA is a nationally recognized home warranty leader solely focused on offering high-value home warranty plans and options, customized for your needs.

They provide:

  • A single resource for home and appliance repair in a time of great need
  • Fast, efficient customer service accessed online or toll free, 24/7
  • A satisfying experience – According to our recent survey, their direct-buying clients would recommend HWA 94% of the time 3
  • Longer period of coverage – HWA provides 13-month warranties rather than the standard 12-month policies
  • GreenPlus home warranty option – An eco-friendly home warranty option that provides ENERGY STAR®-qualified replacement products on five covered appliances and home systems.

Request a quote by emailing us at specialtyinsurance@stewart.com or by calling (866) 845-4676.

1 Home Repair and Remodel, Marshall & Swift L.P., 2004

2 Marshall & Swift L.P., 2005

3 Unpublished tabulations from the 2005 National Association of REALTORS® Member Profile