Lender Vacant Home Insurance

We provide full coverage even when your property is at zero capacity.

As a lender, you may have vacant foreclosure inventory many insurers won’t cover. But we can help. Safeguard your investments and get peace of mind with vacant dwelling insurance from Stewart Specialty Insurance Services.

It doesn’t matter what type of dwelling you have, we offer comprehensive protection at competitive prices. You can expect:

  • Coverage for breakage of glass or safety glazing material connected to a covered building, storm door or window
  • Ten percent of the insured value to cover personal property and other structures at the residence; maximum $25,000
  • Protection against claims brought against you for damages resulting from issues at the vacant dwelling. This includes defense costs and medical expenses.

Don’t leave your property unprotected against fire, water damage or vandalism. Contact us today and request a quote, email us at specialtyinsurance@stewart.com or call (866) 845-4676.