Motorcycle Insurance

There are unique requirements for insuring a motorcycle – that’s why we look for the policy specific to your needs.

People who don’t ride motorcycles don’t always get it, but we do. Your ride is special and needs a special kind of coverage. We can get you set with the specific minimum coverage required by your state or take you all way the to the highest level of protection so you’re protected in case your bike gets damaged while it’s parked. Got some after-market add-ons? We can make sure those are covered, too.

We represent multiple carriers, which means we do the comparison shopping for you so you get multiple quotes with just one call. And our commitment to service doesn’t stop there. While other insurance agents might be happy to simply let your policy auto renew each year, we’ll automatically do a new search each year to ensure you’re getting the best coverage and present you with the best options we find, along with a comparison with your current policy.

Plus, we can save you a good bit of cash by bundling your motorcycle policy with any auto or home coverage you might need.

Request a quote by emailing us at or by calling (866) 845-4676.