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Stewart is moving to green. Why, you might ask, would a company market themselves as moving to green rather than being green? We'd like to think it's because we're being refreshingly honest in these days of over promises and green washing. We understand the importance of achieving a sustainable, green business model, and we're working toward that goal every day. And in the process of doing so, we hope to lead the way for our entire industry. 

Truth be told, the title industry has never really been that environmentally friendly. The traditional title and escrow processes are extremely paper intensive and involve lots of travelling between offices for both papers and people. The carbon footprint left by the real estate transaction process has not, historically, been a small one.

We're working to change that. Our Green Initiative will transform our offices and make them eco-friendly, but it is our goal that we will also change the overall real estate transaction throughout the industry into a green process.

This special section of was created to be a resource for all our customers and partners. Here you'll be able to find information not only about our own efforts to move to green but about the overall green movement. So take a few moments to look around. 

Moving To Green - Stewart Green

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