Stewart Green


Closings with greater peace of mind and fewer pieces of paper.

Using various forms of eClosing technology we are able to offer services that change the closing experience for everyone involved in the real estate transaction – reducing the number of physical signings as well as the time spent at actual closing.

By combining eClosing technology with our online transaction management system, we are able to almost completely eliminate the need for paper documents in the real estate transaction. As a matter of fact, the paper used at the actual closing can be reduced as low as your county will allow. This is because you are able to sign most documents electronically. This, of course, has tremendous benefits for the environment, such as:

  • Reducing harvesting of trees through reduced paper usage
  • Reducing waste through reduced usage of ink and ink cartridges
  • Lowering CO2 emissions by eliminating physical shipment of commitment papers

In addition to making your transaction greener, eClosings provide a host of other benefits to your closing, including the ability to:

  • Review and approve documents prior to closing day
  • Offer a faster, more efficient closings
  • Provide additional peace of mind concerning the thoroughness of the title search
  • Offer a better level of service to customers
  • Reduce paper and printing costs
  • Improve communication between parties
  • Reduce courier/overnight fees
  • Apply one signature to all documents

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