Stewart Green

Green Policy

Stewart's Policy on Providing a more Eco-Friendly Process and Working Environment

Stewart recognizes the need to improve the customer experience and to achieve eco-friendly benefits through environmentally friendly offices, practices and procedures.

In addition to leveraging green best practices, we are taking the lead in our industry by implementing the technology for a paperless process that reduces the amount of paper traditionally used during a real estate transaction. The Stewart Green Initiative has differentiated itself by leveraging our industry-leading technology platforms designed to create a paperless real estate transaction for the consumer, lender, builder, REALTOR® and other parties involved in the home buying process.

To effectively drive this initiative, we have created a program to formally recognize our offices as Green. Offices can be recognized as Green when they have completed several steps in our internal program focusing on their office, the real estate transaction, the environment and advocacy in their communities.

The final step of the Stewart Green Initiative centers upon working with our external customers to join with us in our pursuit and make the same level of commitment to modify behaviors toward environmental responsibility. We must work together to realize the full potential of this industry changing program.

It is our pledge to continue to work toward a greener way of doing business through constantly improving the process and our work environment while also encouraging our customers and partners to not only participate in the process but push it even further.