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Are we there yet?

It seems like a simple question. If Stewart is moving to green, when will the company be green? What we’ve learned as we work toward making our company eco-friendly is the answer to that question isn’t an easy one. Every week, new information comes out concerning the best way to run a sustainable, eco-friendly business. Something that’s considered green one day may be found harmful in the greater scheme. All the same, we are working to come to a better understanding of how best to move our business, and our industry, from the current model to a sustainable one.

We are in the process of instituting green office practices and increasing usage of our eco-friendly technology. In 2010, we officially recognized over 50 offices as green. This brings the total number of Stewart offices recognized as green to 158, or 40% of all of our offices.

Additionally, we will begin to establish criteria and a plan to encourage and assist our independent issuing agencies to make the move to green as well. We’ll use this site to share our plans as they are ready, so be sure to keep an eye right here for more information in the future.

  • Green Recognized Offices
    Learn more about what it takes to be recognized as a green Stewart office and see which offices have already been recognized.
  • What You Can Do
    Find some basic information to help you be eco-friendly.
  • Resources/Links
    Create a more detailed plan for your own move to green using these valuable web resources.